Eco-friendly Swimming Pool Technologies To Consider

The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Illinois understand that eco- and environmentally-friendly swimming pool technologies are important to their customers. Why? It’s a way to not only “save the environment” but many of the technologies have the potential to save the pool owner money on operating and heating costs.

If eco-friendly technologies are something your family is interested in, talk with your swimming pool contractor to uncover the economic rewards you may reap as well as the environmentally-friendly steps your family can embrace. Installing eco-friendly technologies may help you cut back on the amount of chemicals used to keep the pool clean as well as lowering the energy consumed by your pool.

Here are a few of the many eco-friendly technologies that are available for swimming pool owners:

1. Solar. Harnessing the power of the sun to heat the swimming pool makes great financial sense for many pool owners. You can install solar panels which can help run pool equipment as well as heat the water. If solar panels are not in your budget, consider using a solar swimming pool cover as a way to not only keep dirt and debris from the water but to heat it as well.
2. Use remote controlled devices as a way to assure equipment is turned on and turned off within specified timeframes.
3. Install a variable speed pump. One speed pumps operate at only one level and this is not an energy efficient way to circulate the water.
4. An in-floor pool cleaning system will remove fallen debris and can also cut your energy use because it will help circulate the pool water and also distribute any heat that the solar panel has infused into the water.
5. Operate your swimming pool remotely with a smart phone or computer application. This can save money by allowing you to turn the pool equipment on or off, even if you’re not home. If you have a hot tub and plan to use it when you get home from work you can turn it on remotely and it will be ready when you arrive; this means you won’t have to have it running all day when it’s not in use.

Ask us about how eco-friendly technologies will fit into your swimming pool construction or remodeling project. You will also want to understand what your return on investment will be once you install new equipment.

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