Having Complete Safety in Equipment

With as quickly and efficiently as technology has developed, there is absolutely no excuse for companies to not invest in the latest safety equipment available. Even with a rather pricey upfront cost, the money these items save over the years based on decreased hospital visits and increased productivity means they pay for themselves more than two times over by the time they have to be retired for even better equipment. Be a smart company and invest in what really makes your business succeed—your employees.


Safety on the job-site is no longer as simple as paying attention to fire code regulations or not hiring children to run through dangerous machinery. Instead, it’s based on outfitting your establishment with the tools your employees need to stay safe and healthy. When it comes to those businesses that rely on moving around heavy items or crates of items all day, machinery is the go-to option. Things like a forklift or pneumatic balancer make it so that the only strain your employees face is that of getting everything loaded or unloaded in a timely fashion. This machinery also doubles as a productivity enhancer since it can move more stuff than any single group of men can in one go.


As for office workers faced with eight hours of sitting, be sure to provide everyone with ergonomic supplies to keep their bodies in line. Though you can’t force them to take a break, you can give them what they need to avoid carpal tunnel. Lumbar pillows, monitor stands, ergonomic keyboards and even small stools to keep the feet flat on the ground means a more comfortable workplace for all. It will increase efficiency through comfort and decrease the amount of times your workers have to head home early because their back started acting up again. In addition, don’t forget storage room items such as dollies. Even though the office won’t have to worry about moving around literal tons, even the boxes full of paper reams can lead to injury if not handled correctly.


Finally, do what you can to institute a daily exercise routine for everyone in the office. It doesn’t have to be complex, and it doesn’t have to be long. All it needs to do is get them warmed up and ready to take on whatever the day holds. While the average person might not think it, your muscles and tendons begin to atrophy as you get old if you don’t use them. Not stretching, for instance, leads to an incredibly painful condition where the tendons connected to the bottom of your feet become so tight that they begin to slowly rip themselves away. The best idea is to work a 10 minute calisthenics session that combines light cardio with active stretching. If it still doesn’t appeal to you, think of it as a step toward preventative work safety.

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