How Immortal Files Help You Secure Your Data

Your backup hard drive could disappear. Your backup hard drive may get stolen. This could be by pretty much anybody. It could be an outsider, an employee, or a competitor. More than 10 percent of hardware is stolen and the dominant part is never recovered.

You may misplace your backup data. You may abandon it at a bistro. It may turn up gone with your stuff on a flight, or you could leave it on the train. Your backup hard drive may be physically damaged. It could be smoldered in a flame, left in the downpour, encounter a force surge, be dropped, or even vandalized.

Information could get to be difficult to reach because of hard drive issues. 

You could have a storage device failure, a product breakdown may wreck your data, data could be undermined by a virus or information just could essentially get ruined for an obscure reason.

Data may get deleted

Information may get erased coincidentally. Your child may have been playing around on your mac connected to the Hard drive, you may have been in a dream and inadvertently erased it, or an employee may have erased it not knowing any better.

Data could likewise be erased intentionally. It could be somebody who is not content with you or a disappointed coworker.

Immortal files helps you tackle the above-mentioned problems by enabling you to upload your data to a far off servers like Google drive, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or OpenStack Swift. Your data seamlessly uploads to the off-site backup location automatically every time you make a change to your data.

It takes away all the hassles of the traditional backup services with amazing features like –

•    File-by-File Backup: Immortal Files tracks your changes in files and copies only those files that were changed.

•    Encryption: Your data is securely protected by an AES265 algorithm.

•    Schedule: Backups are automatically made as you edit files. You do not need to do anything.

•    Include/Exclude List: Flexible settings exist to create rules for which files and folders to back up.

•    Bit-to-Bit Transfer: Files are backed up in full with all attributes, settings, permissions, and ACL.

•    Transactional Backup: In the event of a lost connection or power outage, your backup will always remain entirely intact and undamaged.

•    Redundancy: You can create backup rules for data on several external devices for greater security.

•    Incremental Scan: Immortal Files scans only changed folders for performance improvement.

•    Continue After Error: In case of any error or a lost Internet connection, Immortal Files will continue the backup or restore from the point of error.

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