iFonemate Review: iPhone Data Recovery Software

iFoneMate is a popular iPhone data rallying software especially designed for iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. It is supported by most of iOS devices such as iPhone 6 Plus as well as iPhone 6. This software is enough capable to restore all deleted notes, videos, messages, photos etc from iOS devices either directly or using iCloud backup or iTunes files.

This software works on the basis of three recovery methods; whenever you launch this software on to your device it asks for three recovery options that prefer use of iCloud backup files, iTunes files or direct recovery from iOS devices. Thus with the help of such versatile solutions it help you to recover huge data that might be lost due to different circumstances. When you want to recover your data the process will be executed in three steps as first of all you need to connect your device and then it will initiate scan and search option; after completion of scan you will be able to preview your data and then recovery will start in a very secure and easy manner.

iFoneMate iPhone data recovery software is gaining huge popularity just because of its user friendly interface that makes it easy to operate. Simple three step operation: scan, preview and recover can help you to get all your lost data back to your device. You will be glad to know that this software can support about 15 different types of data that includes photos, notes, calendar, call history, contacts, message, safari bookmark and many more from directory of iPhone.

Various features of iFoneMate:

It offers safari bookmark recovery.
You can avail voice memeo rallying.
Recovery of calendars.
Restore iPhone contacts as well as notes.
Retrieval of pictures as well as photos.
WhatsApp recovery.
iPhone message recovery or deleted text retrieval.
Recovery of call history.
Data recovery with the help of iCloud and iTunes.
iPod touch, iPad as well as iPhone lost data recovery.

This iPhone data recovery software can support large number of devices including iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone5C, iPad Air, iPhone 4S, iPad mini – retina display, iPod touch 5, iPad 2, and iPad. It is very easy to use and you need not to create any special backup file.

Nowadays, cell phones are used as most common storage media because they are always with us and whenever we need any important document file, video or audio file we can directly take it from our device. But with this increasing storage need, one must ensure perfect arrangement for data safety on devices as data losses can occur anytime. This data recovery software is a quality program that allows people to stay safe from all data losses as one can easily recover his all media files even without creating backup via this tool. One more interesting thing about this software is its ability to recover data files on mobile device as well as computer; at the same time it offers transfer of recovered notes, contacts etc. directly on device so that people can easily manage all their important stuff at one place. To make you data safe, download this software free from www.globalshareware.com/ifonemate/ on your device and enjoy its interactive interface; it will surely help you to recover deleted data from iPhone easily.

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