Lifetime Loyalty: How to Win and Retain Your Best Customers

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Every business relies on customers, clients, and consumers to grow and succeed. Seeking, keeping, and getting referrals from them sometimes requires as much resource as the products we create and sell. The successful recruiting, growing and retaining of clientele needs to be increasingly more innovative, intuitive and creative. Most businesses have plenty of competition vying for the same or similar market space; so be on top of customer retention best practices.

Selling Your Stuff

Slap-happy marketing and advertising misses the critical opportunity to find the customers that truly fit the product and the company. Part of attracting the right customer is understanding the current customer, so that marketing targets are accurately aimed at the core group. As customers are attracted to the product and begin to be consumers, there are a number of ways to make sure they don’t become one time users.

Connecting with Customers

All people want to be understood, though few expect to be understood by a business. Any way a business can listen carefully to their customers and signal their understanding will greatly improve the customer experience. Data shows that customers who feel attended to score their buying experience higher on satisfaction scales. Customers need to feel trust, understanding and support during their experience. Providing that experience to them requires strategic initiatives including staff training, methods to increase listing and attention and specific follow up and follow through processes. Try creating a workflow on the process to explain the way it works to others.

Keeping the Customers

Using the connection that established in the beginning of the relationship, businesses must provide product information, prompt new purchases and create a way for customers to give feedback and the company to give feedback on the feedback. A customer behavior specialist with a Master’s degree in Business Administration says one of the biggest mistakes surveyors make is failing to show participants the results of a survey. Avoid this by providing a results page after any online survey you conduct—this will help customers know if their perception of your services is shared among other consumers. In addition, plan to show appreciation for purchases or loyalty with a process that guarantees a response.

Surprising Customers

Finding innovative ways to surprise customers sets your business apart from others. Try injecting a sense of fun or joy into the process. Send an unexpected gift or surprise to show appreciation for their business. Show them how well you know them by sending them product specific opportunities. Businesses have sent pies, tools, cards that have music and many other unique things to accomplish this goal.

A big part of attracting and retaining customers comes from your business’ commitment to get to know, get feedback from, and reward your customers. Listening and demonstrating your commitment to filling your customers’ needs are some of the best ways to win loyal, lifetime customers. 

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