Six Technologies Your Startup Can’t Do Without

Technology has impacted the world in many positive ways, from amazing medical advancements to the standard smartphone. New business owners today shouldn’t miss out on the new technology created to help their dreams succeed. Consider these new technological advances for your new startup business.

HAZWOPER Simulations

The Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard is a required exam administered by the United States Department of Labor. Any employee exposed to hazardous waste and similar substances should be prepared to pass this exam. Simulation technology like National Environmental Trainers tests are an excellent way to train new employees. A simulator creates a virtual reality experience for employees, which makes them feel like they are actually in the scenario and produces better test results.

Online OSHA Tests

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration test ensures employees everywhere in any industry understand safety and health regulations. The exam covers a variety of topics including electrical safety, hazardous materials, and materials handling. An online study course is one of the best ways to prepare for the exam and today there are even apps and devices available that can make it even more convenient for your business.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing utilizes the internet for networks instead of a local server or personal computer. A private cloud can be purchased for a single organization and self-service interface controls allows information technology specialists to fix problems quickly. The cloud also offers automation software for storage and middleware. It’s the perfect solution to keep your information and files secure and readily accessible.

Time-Keeping Software

It’s important for employers to utilize time-keeping software to make sure employees are being paid for their time worked. It can be difficult to manage time-keeping when employees work off-site, but mobile time-keeping software can simplify the process. Managers can have employees clock in using a keypad, barcode, or fingerprint from anywhere in the world.

Security Systems

Business owners, no matter what industry, should purchase a security system to protect their employees and property from criminal activity. An alarm system will notify a law enforcement agencies when an intruder has entered the building, and security cameras can video intruders and their actions, which will make it easier for police to prosecute for criminal charges.

Accounting Software

Accounting software is one of the best investments to make for your business. Some of the most popular accounting software includes QuickBooks and Quicken. This kind of software helps businesses kept track of bills and payments. Employees can use accounting software to collect on balances owed to the company and some software enables employees to post payment and print out statements from wherever they are.

New business owners can utilize technology today and help their company become a great success. Don’t forget to invest in these options for your startup. 

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