5 Tips for Designing a SEO Friendly Website

The advent of the internet has changed just about everything in our lives. There’s an entire generation that has grown up with the ability to find what they want on the web in a moment’s notice.

Search engines, though, are limited in how they crawl the web so if you want to increase your outreach you should ensure your website is as SEO friendly as possible.

Focus on Readability

The fundamental principle of effective web design is that your users should be able to interact with your content easily and without any issues. It can be tempting to overload your site with lots of different banners, colours, fonts, and other design cues to differentiate yourself, but this often leads to a poor user Interface. Start by making sure your text is legible and that any embedded links are easily highlighted.

Importance of Headlines

The headline of your article is rated more highly than the rest of the web page by a search engine. To take advantage of this, you should place keywords in the headline. The main topic of the page can be an H1 tag, while subheadings can use H2, H3, and so on as they decrease in importance. Keep things relevant and descriptive, but stick to a 65-character limit or you risk having the title cut off.

Using Description Tags

Every page on your site should contain a title and relevant meta tags. These should be no more than 20 words and describe the page’s content. There are four main kinds of meta tag: Meta Keywords Attribute, Title Tag, Meta Description Attribute, and Meta Robots Attribute.

Keep URLs Simple

Google recommends keeping a simple URL structure that uses readable words rather than long strands of numbers or symbols. Not only will this be more legible and intuitive to the readers of your site, but you’ll also get better SEO results. Unnecessarily complex URLs can cause crawlers to improperly index the content of your site as well as consume much more bandwidth than is necessary.

Using Images Appropriately

Finally, many sites fail to use images appropriate if they want the best SEO results. Search engines favour written content, so it’s important that you find the right between using enough images to attract your visitors’ attention while not allowing them to replace written content. You should always use text links as spiders as much more efficient at following the links this way. Also anyone who knows anything about web accessibility will know that images need alternative or alt text assigned to them. This is due to screen readers being unable to understand images it is meant to be an alternative for non-visual browsers when they come across images meaning that the text is meant to be used when the image is not visible on the page instead, what is displayed instead is the alt text or description of the image. Making your website much more SEO friendlier for all web users.

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