A Helpful Guide On Choosing Website Hosting for Your Business

Like most things, choosing a website hosting service for your business can be a tough decision. There are an endless number of companies and services out there that promise to provide you with unlimited resources, 99% uptime and knowledgeable support. It is easy to get confused when you are surrounded, but there has to be a way you can cut through the details and jargon and make the right decision. Indeed, there is. Here is a list of factors you should check when choosing website hosting for your business:

Reliability and Speed

Not only should the web host you are considering be fast and reliable, it should be able to guarantee you maximum uptime. This is the time when it will be functional. The hosting service should have an uptime of about 99% or above to provide you adequate online presence for your business. Guarantees are essential to motivate the host to give you plenty of uptime.

Data Transfer (Bandwidth or Traffic)

The amount of bytes that are transferred from your website to the visitors while browsing is called data transfer. Any web hosting that promises unlimited bandwidth is just fooling you as they will charge you an exorbitant sum if you consume too much. Always go over the fine print of the package you select to ascertain the amount of bandwidth you can enjoy. The traffic requirements of every website can vary. For instance, a website that has music and videos will need more bandwidth as opposed to one that provides only information.

Disk Space 

Here again, web hosts offering unlimited disk space are just messing with you. Also, you shouldn’t be swayed just because the hosting service is offering you 100 GB disk space. It is highly likely that you will not be using that much space and there is no point in opting for a costly package just to get disk space you will not utilize.

Technical Support 

Does the web hosting service offer technical support 24/7? Do they provide support on weekends and public holidays? This is a very important factor because problems usually occur at a very inconvenient time. In addition, if a hosting service has advertised that it offers technical support round the clock, this may not necessarily be the case. You can run a test by emailing them on weekends during the middle of the night and see when they respond. Apart from speed, you should also ensure they are technically competent to resolve your issues.

Control Panel 

Different hosts may use different names for the control panel, but the functions remain the same; it basically allows you to manage various aspects of your account. You should be able to manage your email and passwords and make any changes with it. You don’t want to deal with the technical staff every time you want to make any additions or delete something.

Choosing website hosting becomes easier with these factors and you can get hosting discount coupons on matchzup.com for keeping your hosting cost to a minimum and still enjoy all services. 

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