Data Lost? Don’t Worry And Recover Your Files Using EaseUSData Recovery Wizard

Sometimes by mistake we delete some files from our computer without any intention of doing so and later we really get frustrated as the file might be very important as it can be your presentation or some beautiful memories captured by you a long time that you cherish most. In such cases what to do ? as we already deleted the file from the computer and even from the recycle bin. How to get back those?

You don’t need to worry about those anymore as there are multiple software’s available on the market which helps you to recover the deleted files but obviously they come with a cost. But I came up with a better solution that you can use to recover the files and the name of the solution is EaseUSdata recovery wizard. Why it’s better than the rest? The simple answer is that it is a free data recovery tool and that’s enough for most of the users. So how does it work?

EaseUSdata recovery wizard got many versions like for your Windows Pc or Mac, it also got tools for both Android and iOS devices which is quite impressive. It is the best file recovery software of its kind as you can recover lost files from your hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, Memory card, digital camera, mobile phone, music player and other storage media due to deleting, formatting, software crash, hard drive damage, virus attacking, partition loss or other unknown reasons.

The software is very easy to use. First download it and install it on your computer, while installing the software it will give you instructions to not install the software as the same drive from where you want to recover your files as it can either damage it more. When you want to recover the lost data, it is better to recover those data in another drive because recovering those at the drive from where it was lost can create some complexity. It is better to choose a drive with enough space where you want to recover the data. Let’s know more about this software and how to use it to recover files from the computer.

Deleted file recovery 

After installing the software, a window will open on your computer screen where you will be given the types of file you want to recover. Almost all types of data’s can be recovered such as from photo recovery to the word. You can select all or only the type of data you are looking to retrieve. After that is done you will need to choose from which drive you want to recover files, you can only choose one drive at a time to recover files. After that, the scan will start. The first scan is a quick scan type which will bring back recently lost files but if you intend to get back files that you have deleted in the past then you can try the other option which is Deep Scan, but it would take more time as it will scan for all the lost files from your computer from the day you have been using it. So this can be a little bit time consuming.

When the scan is done, you will get to see all the files that were recovered. Thanks to this amazing software you would be able to preview the files to see whether they are any use of recovery or their quality have been compromised. The software will also show the corrupted files with checkmarks so that you can distinguish between files which are quite helpful at times.

Now you can recover the files that you want and the last step is to select the drive where you want to recover the data. As I mentioned before, it is better to recover the files in another drive which isn’t the drive from where you recovered the files from.

As you can see EaseUSData Recovery Wizard is very easy to use, three simple steps to recover your files without spending a buck but if you want more features and more productivity from the software then you can switch to the pro version of the software but it will cost you around $69.95, but surely it is worthy of that.


After using the free version of the EaseUSdata recovery wizard I have to admit that it’s quite good and the simplicity really is a great aesthetic of this tool as anyone can use it without any problem at all. The features that it provides would be sufficient for most but in some cases it can be a little bit of frustrating too. Like in the case of video file recovery, it isn’t quite the same as the other types and maybe it is the business strategy of the software developers as they gave you the hint how useful the software is and if you want more from it then you have to give something back too. The other thing is that with this free version you can recover only 1 GB of lost files which maybe isn’t enough for most of the users. But overall, as a free tool it is very good and maybe the best of these type of tools from the available ones. 

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