Do I Need a Facebook Page for My Real Estate Business?

One of the most extensively used social networking media in the world is Facebook. According to recent reports, Facebook has more than 300 million users who are regularly active. As a result, it has become one of the largest social destinations for the online public. When the reach of a social media is so large, one must definitely use this to expand their business, be it anywhere in the world or real estate agents in Pune or property dealers in Pune.

It is known fact that most transaction in the world of real estate starts with a basic internet searching. Be it professionals, sellers, buyers or investors, everyone looks towards the World Wide Web for information. Facebook is one of the most wide spread communities give a real estate business the necessary push to flourish in the professional world.

Marketing of real estate using Facebook 

Facebook is one of the best platforms meant for digital marketing. With more than 300 million users who are active, real estate agents in Pune are bound to get new clients to deal with. The property dealers in Pune will surely get more than enough new customers to market their property.

But, before one uses Facebook as their digital marketing tool, one must know the features and how it can be used to provide with added benefits. Some of the basic reasons why real estate dealers should avail Facebook are:

  • The social networking done on Face book is absolutely free. 
  • One can easily interact with other people and it turns out to be fun and in some cases, addictive. 
  • One can interact with more people on Facebook with respect to real life. 
  • Each day, the users spend more than six billion minutes on Facebook. 
  • The regular users of Facebook are fans of more than 10 million pages. 

The best part about Facebook is that if a company is looking forward to marketing on Facebook, the do not need to spend more than five minutes.

Tips To Open a Facebook Page for Real Estate Professionals 

Facebook profiles are existing in almost every one’s life. So it is better to talk about the effectiveness of Facebook for online real estate business.

Set up a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook allows everyone to keep their professional and personal life apart. It allows the user to create Fan Pages for the business. Fan pages are very different from Profile Page. While profile page gathers friends, fan page gather fans. This helps one to compartmentalize the business world from personal life.

Get a User name and create a brand on Facebook 

SEO friendly usernames are always available over Facebook but there is always a limitation. To get a username there must be at least 100 fans. Great contents are something which grab fans. So to get a SEO friendly username one must publish good content.

One needs these basic things to create a brand on Facebook. The real estate agents in Pune or the property dealers in Pune need to make a Facebook page or account to create a strong brand image. 

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