Employee Management: How to Find the Right Fit for Every New Hire

Bringing new employees onto the team helps to create a level of productivity that you have not previously experienced. In order to maximize that benefit, you need to find the right fit in your company for every employee whom you hire.

Create the Right Job Postings

Companies like Gild Inc. suggests that creating directed job postings is one way to ensure that you have a spot for your new employees. Instead of just waiting until they come on-board to find a good fit, start your work now. Do not just post general job listings that could apply to manifold people. Tailor them to the specific positions that you are looking to fill.

Consider All Strengths

At first, you may want to put all of your employees in positions where they will use their absolute greatest strengths. However, that could mean some areas of your business are left without proficient coverage. Instead of focusing solely on one strength per person, look at each of your employee’s other strengths. Chances are, finding a solid spot for each individual will become less obfuscated of a process by doing so.

Ask for Input

While you do want to have the final say in where employees work within your company, you also need to consider the fact that your employees know themselves better than you do. If you have a few different options that you think would work well with a particular employee, consider asking him or her what comes across as the right fit. As opposed to just placing employees in spots, you can have an open conversation with them about where their skills will best be used.

Create Positions if Needed

Perhaps you’ve wanted to have a creative director in a particular subdivision of your company for some time right now, but the position does not currently exist. If you feel as though this new hire is the perfect person for that particular position, do not hesitate to open up the position for him or her.

Evaluate Your Decisions

The only way to know for sure if a particular choice worked is to evaluate it. You should also analyze and evaluate how employees are doing in their particular roles. You may discover that you need to shift employees around in order to ensure that your company is bringing in the maximum amount of profits.

Finding the right fit for all of your employees is a process that starts now and doesn’t end until you evaluate. 

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