Five of the Best Buys for Startup Office Equipment

Plunging into a startup business can be stressful enough without having to worry about getting all the right office equipment. What you invest in can quickly break your productivity and budget if you’re not careful. There are a few necessary purchases you’ll have to make for your business, but they don’t have to break the bank. Use these tips to get a better deal, and save money on your most basic office needs.


Computers can become the most expensive part of a new business. Although it’s likely each employee will require their own, you don’t have to search for brand new models. Look at older, used machines to purchase, ensuring they have the minimum specifications you require, and you will end up spending a lot less on computers than a company that opts for brand new machines.

You can get new computers in bulk and still save money as well. Look for discounts and special offers for business owners. Some stores might give you better warranties and free service if they know your company can be a long-term customer they can count on.


Whatever your business does, you most likely need a design program, a text program, and a spreadsheet program for your office, and that’s just the beginning. These programs can get expensive quickly. To save some cash, instead of licensing each computer in the office with each piece of software, pick and choose. Have a few computers run the spreadsheet program, a few with the design program, etc. Don’t install and license a machine with a piece of software until you are sure it will be necessary to that particular employee’s work.


Although many things are done electronically these days, you would be remiss to not have a printer on hand at your office. Your office might need to print out promotional pieces, pamphlets, spec sheets, and more. To save money, think about buying a printer that utilizes refillable ink cartridges, as well as an all-in-one printer that incorporates a scanner and a copy machine into the mix. Some stores might offer businesses ink deliveries each month for a small fee which can help you stay on top of things. You can also frequently find 4inkjets coupons online at places like discountrue that can get you up to 40% off and free deliveries.

Business Phone Lines

It is absolutely necessary you have some kind of dedicated phone line service for your business, but you should determine what kind of system is necessary before you go all in. You might consider setting up a virtual phone network, which allows you to use cell phones rather than traditional landline phones, better for businesses on the go. You might also consider setting up a voice over internet protocol phone system that you host yourself. These phone lines use the internet, and can cut down phone costs significantly.


In order to have a productive office environment, there needs to be enough desk space for each employee. You should also have comfortable, ergonomic chairs in order to further productivity. Instead of purchasing individual desks, consider just getting one large table that can be broken down into work stations. Chairs and tables can be leased, rather than purchased, until you have a bit more spending money available for these necessities.

Getting your startup up and running comes down to having the necessary equipment required. Before you buy, make sure you have an idea of where you can cut costs and save money. Use these tips for some commonly needed items and bring your business to the top. 

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