How to Get Free Bitcoins

A relatively new digital currency that’s being used widely on the World Wide Web are Bitcoins. This cryptocurrency is created during the procedure of social interaction and doesn’t have a value of its own. The price and value of these Bitcoins is formed only due to communication. Demand and supply are the ruling forces in the world of Bitcoin. It is human nature to value those things that are not are in limited supply or have a limited potential amount. As foreseen by the system’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto the supply of the currency is limited. No more than 21 million coins will be available because of which they are highly valued.

This half payment and half asset unit has turned the entire financial system upside down as it is without the constant inflation, centralized control and unresolved security issues common with others. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Bitcoin’s demand is high amongst those who understand its true value. No wonder they want to get Bitcoins. As their supply is predetermined and demand is rising rapidly, the price of Bitcoin is quite competitive as people are recognizing its value. Currently, the cost of one Bitcoin is $240 and not everyone can invest that much into such a volatile currency.

That’s why people are looking for ways to get free Bitcoins. Are you? Well, you are in luck as some ways of getting free Bitcoins are mentioned below:

Visit websites or do small tasks 

An excellent way of collecting Bitcoins is to visit websites that are Bitcoin-related or accomplishing small tasks on the web. There are a number of websites you can find, which give you the opportunity of earning some free Bitcoins, such as These websites will pay you for doing a lot of things such as simply visiting the website and staying on it for a while or even for playing games. Likewise, websites such as BitcoinReward and BitcoinGet also pay you for doing surveys.


Sure, gambling is a bit risky, but it is also a lot more fun. Gambling with Bitcoin is even better because it enables you to place small bets. One of the best parts about Bitcoin is its divisibility. You cannot gamble in a real casino with just one cent, but you can do it with Bitcoin. SatoshiDice is one of the most popular gambling websites for Bitcoin. It doesn’t even require you to visit their website; you can simply send your transaction to a specific address and see if you win anything or not. There are a wide array of poker sites, slots and casino sites where you can get free Bitcoins quickly.


This is another popular way of earning free Bitcoins, which is a science that can be done with tools, strategies and methods. You need to be able to read charts in order to trade Bitcoins with others as you have to buy and sell at the right time for earning a profit.


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