Understanding How Modern Technology Affects Customer Service

You already know that a company can’t survive in the modern market without an online presence. Your business requires a website and a Google listing at the bare minimum.

However, you likely also know that you have to take your online dealings a step farther than that. You can turn the Internet into a powerful tool for marketing, research, and even customer communication if you know what tactics to use.

Below, you’ll find an outline of various ways online technology affects customer service and communication. Implement these tactics into your company’s business practices to see your service ratings rise.

Technology on Your Website

Much of the time, when online customers have questions, they have them while reading content on your website. However, these readers don’t want to go to the effort of calling you to get the answers. Instead, they may move on to another website that answers their questions within the text.

You cannot anticipate every question your online customers might have, but thanks to technologies like instant messaging, you don’t have to.

Instant messaging for business has gone beyond email and social media platforms. Now you can implement this technology directly on your website and have your employees or a third-party online receptionist manage communication for you.

Instant messenger allows you to respond to your customer’s needs in real time, whether those customers come to you locally or from different time zones around the world. You will not lose clientele because web readers didn’t have a professional to answer their questions. Instead, you will show customers how much you care about their well-being by responding to them promptly. And they will feel grateful.

Technology on Social Media

If you have not created a profile for your company on social media platforms, take the opportunity to do so now. Give your business a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and even Google+. These platforms allow you to access millions, or sometimes billions, of potential customers at the same time.

Additionally, if you use social media, you’ll attract a younger audience. This set of younger customers matter because they will support your company as your older clientele age and no longer use your products or services. If you use social media and keep up with current news and media trends, you can turn the younger generation into a strong customer base that will support your business for decades.

Technology on Mobile Devices

Banks, travel agencies, online marketplaces, and home improvement stores all use apps to streamline business with their clientele. You can do the same if you create an app for your business.

You do not have to do anything elaborate—simply use the app to present your customers with special deals, lists of available products, opportunities to book meetings with your staff, or tips to troubleshoot potential problems with your product or service. Just make sure you choose experienced developers to create your app. Otherwise, the app’s lack of use value could make you lose customers rather than gain them.

Use the modern Internet technologies to improve your business’s customer service practices. Whether you use all or one of them, you’ll see your service ratings improve exponentially. 

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