Baubles and Bangles: Designing Your Own Unique Boutique

If you are the creative type, you are probably looking for ways to benefit from your creativity and talent. Many people dream of one day owning their own boutique, a place where they can sell their creations, make their customers feel beautiful and make a tidy profit in the process.
No matter what type of boutique you dream of opening, it is important to use the right design techniques. The layout of your store can have a profound impact on everything from your sales the nature of your clientele. There are a number of ways to design a winning boutique, so here are some tips to get you started.

Set an Overall Theme

One of the most important steps in getting any boutique off the ground is deciding on an overarching theme. Whether you plan to sell your own handmade jewelry, an assortment of fashion accessories of the best clothes in town, everything in your inventory should be a reflection of your personal taste and style.
Once you know what kind of theme you want to focus on, you can move on to designing a beautiful and inviting space for the boutique. Whether you order your display pieces and furniture from or source them locally, it is important to create a space where customers will want to shop.

Welcome Your Customers in Style

No matter what kind of boutique you are envisioning, it is important to put your customers first. After all, without customers you will have no business. Catering to the needs of your customers is the only way to succeed in the long run, so think carefully about what shoppers really want and how you can deliver that experience.
You can start by thinking about what makes your favorite stores so special. Is it the personal touch you feel when you walk through the doors? Is it the wide selection of merchandise and the affordable prices? Is it the connection you feel with the owner of the business?
If these things are important to you, they are probably important to your future customers as well. Think about ways to incorporate that personal touch, merchandise selection and true connection into the design of your own boutique.

Provide Plenty of Browsing Space

If you have ever shopped at a discount retailer and chaffed at the cramped aisles and unappealing displays, you understand the importance of browsing space. There is a reason why upscale boutiques incorporate so much seemingly empty space into their floor plans – they know that their customers need space to wander, explore the merchandise and make a wise decision.
Whether you are opening an upscale boutique or a more affordable shopping venue, it is important to give your shoppers plenty of space to enjoy. That space is far from wasted – it provides a golden opportunity for you to interact with your customers, make that personal connection and ultimately make the sale.
Opening your own business is a big step, and not one to be taken lightly. Thinking about the best design and how it can make your boutique special is one of the best ways to succeed in a competitive retail space.

Vanessa Landry has a number of years experience in designing retail spaces and enjoys being able to share her ideas and views with an online audience. She regularly writes for a range of relevant websites. 

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