Budding Business: How to Bring Your Startup to the Modern Age

You have a storefront and a great idea, and now you just need that idea to take off and attract customers—but the process hasn’t gone as quickly or as smoothly as you had hoped. So what can you do to make your business’s presence known and increase your clientele?

You have to give your company an online presence in addition to a physical one. No company can survive in the modern world without the Internet and technology basics listed below. Make sure your business has all of the following.

An Attractive and Functional Website

Does your website look like someone from the 90s designed it? If so, it needs a serious update, otherwise your clientele will never take you seriously. Your website must look sleek and modern. It must use modern colors and themes. It must also work so seamlessly, customers don’t have to worry about load times or faulty graphics. After all, if a customer has to wait for something to load, they will likely leave your website in favor of one that works more professionally.

A Mobile Device–Friendly Website

Now that you have a modern website, you’ve taken the first step toward boosting your business’s online presence. However, most customers don’t do searches on computers anymore. They do it on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets instead, and normal websites won’t load on these devices the same way they do on the computer. Build your website to accommodate phones and tablets in addition to computers. It should be versatile and functional. The investment you spend here will be well worth the effort.

Instant Messaging Capabilities

Customers who shop online have just as many questions as those who shop in a store. Unfortunately, they do not have the same access to helpful staff that in-person customers do so you need to give shoppers a way to contact your company and get instant help—and no, your phone line doesn’t count. They still have to call you and wait for the line to become available before they can pose their questions.

Put a business instant messaging device on your website so your clients only have to click a button to access assistance. You can manage this messenger yourself, or you can have a third-party partner handle it around the clock.

A Presence on Social Media Platforms

Most millennials use social media more than any other kind of website. They post complaints and questions there, and you’ll miss out on direct access to their feedback if you don’t put your business on social media as well. Make sure you join platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at the very least.

These steps may seem simple, but they’ll bring your business into the modern age. Implement these tips to attract more customers than ever and get your startup off the ground.

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