Entrepreneur Ideas: Where are Your Organization Skills Lacking?

Being an entrepreneur is rewarding and can open a lot of doors, but there’s no doubt it can also be very challenging. Entrepreneurs face a host of continual problems, such as a high workload, demanding deadlines, and frustrating tasks. All hopeful entrepreneurs need to have the following four organizational skills in their personal arsenal in order to reduce stress and confusion. Make sure you’re constantly developing these skills to make your business run a little better.

Start the Day Right

Every day should start with protected personal time to allow time to schedule deadlines, respond to emergencies, and re-prioritize tasks accordingly. Without a quiet start, every day will turn into an endless runaround where it can be hard to find a break. Structure in quiet time after lunch and at the end of the day as well, to make sure you have time to restructure your schedule and tasks. Taking 10 to 15 minutes a few times a day to re-focus and clear your mind is extremely beneficial to both productivity and efficiency.

Reduce Meeting Times by Half

Meetings are notorious time wasters in the business world. The wrong people are often invited, and often the unqualified have the most to say, so the meetings drag on without any end in sight. As a new business owner, your meetings need to be lean and extremely efficient. Only involve the necessary people, and if needed, simply conduct a phone meeting. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking they must physically travel to a meeting to contribute a few valuable comments. Every meeting should end on time, and with an actionable goal list that will be used during the week to accomplish objectives. Use your time wisely and schedule multiple meetings at once if possible.

Synchronized Calendars

Entrepreneurs need to have their online, mobile phone, and desktop calendars synchronized. Because entrepreneurs are often multitasking, it is easy to forget to update your different schedules. Ideally, an entrepreneur will have a master calendar on whatever electronic device they use the most. For example, if they rely the most on their smart phone calendar, they should systemically update their calendar with helpful reminders and deadlines. On the other hand, someone who prefers a hands-on approach, could use a whiteboard with colored markers to keep themselves organized.

Record Keeping

A company that keeps records in a neat and orderly fashion will experience less delays, errors, and miscommunication in the long run. Companies must have an excellent information infrastructure and record keeping system in order to remain productive and competitive. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than to experience unexpected confusion and wait time when trying to find information or solve a problem. Companies that teach employees to maintain proper records will provide better customer service. It might pay you back to have a third party company like Vital Records Control keep and organize your files for you.

Overall, many entrepreneurs will struggle to keep up with busy workloads and constant pressure. However, starting the day right with quiet time and keeping meetings short will help you stay organized. Use other ideas as you go along and find out what approach works best for you.  

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