How Zillable Helps You Meet Smart People: Cross-Border Innovation

Zillable is just like many other companies out there today. We have employees scattered throughout the world. The days of having all of your employees in the same building at the same time are pretty much over. So, companies have to figure out the best way to help their global workforce come together to collaborate on projects, programs or even day-to-day operations.

Currently, companies choose solutions, such as live streaming video conferencing, instant messaging or other platforms. But, the problem with many of these solutions is scheduling. It is difficult – if nearly impossible – to get a manager in California on a call or video conference with a designer in Germany and the web team in Vietnam all at the same time without someone being awake at an odd hour.

Also, many employees don’t feel free to speak up on a video meeting or conference call. These types of calls or conferences don’t allow for truly open collaboration.

Businesses and top-level management executives have been seeking innovative ways to connect team members and employees, yet it is proven that productivity becomes a problem within the organization with these conflicts and communication setbacks. What is there was an innovative network where people can creatively and dynamically connect, innovate, imagine and collaborate to ensure that their thoughts and ideas can flourish?

True, efficient collaboration is essential and encourages diversity in the thought process, building upon experiences, creativity and entrepreneurial success (and learning lessons) of individuals around the world.

And, it isn’t dependent on schedules. A member of the marketing team in New York can post an idea. Then, a designer in Mexico can take that idea and develop it. The web team in China can then add its own suggestions and thoughts. And all of this can be done on their own schedule – without having to be awake for a conference call at 4 a.m. or some other odd hour. This flow of constant and consistent collaboration keeps team members inspired and thinking forward, without sacrificing sleep or disrupting their daily work habits.

The Internet has helped break down borders and connect individuals from around the world. This is especially true in the business world. Never has it been easier for companies to connect with customers and partners around the world. It is now easier for employees to connect and collaborate for business. Open collaboration leads to true business innovation, and it can be done without borders.

Written By Zillable

Zillable™ is the world’s first social and collaboration network for innovation-on-demand, where individuals and teams can creatively and dynamically collaborate, ideate, and publish. As a communication and collaboration system, Zillable provides disruptors and creatives with an intelligent network that bridges minds to go beyond superficial connections. With Zillable, you can establish genuine connections with like-minded individuals who can help you succeed. For more information, please visit

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