New SEO Tool XOVI Looking to Compete in International Market

Above, an examples of XOVI’s features as tested on this site.

German-based XOVI recently launched their all-in-one marketing tool to the international market. Available now in both English and Spanish, it looks to make an impact in the SEO industry worldwide as it has done in Germany. Considered a leading SEO tool in the country, it may pose a competitive threat to some of the popular platforms in the English-language market, such as SEMrush and Moz.

So what does XOVI offer and how does it stack up? Take a look at our breakdown below.


XOVI Suite is a top SEO tool provider that offers effective analysis for search engine optimization and correction monitoring.

The all-in-one marketing tool has a huge selection of 11 research tools in one easy-to-use interface.  Each research tool is broken down to provide detailed analysis options and the ability to use comparison-based features.

Although on a basic level, XOVI can be used by the less SEO-savvy, this suite is created for online marketing agencies and experts in the field. To take full advantage of all of its features and data requires esoteric knowledge on SEO.

Link Management

The true power of XOVI is in its continually expanding database of over 600 million backlinks. This index of links and websites can be used to carry out effective link management campaigns for clients and to keep a permanent eye on links. A great feature of this tool is the notification option, which tracks and informs of any changes made to links, such as when they are removed, if the anchor text is changed, or whether the link is set to Follow or NoFollow. Due to its massive backlink database, XOVI’s disavow tool is also particularly powerful.

Keyword Research

XOVI includes a comprehensive keyword analysis and monitoring tool in their suite. The keyword monitoring stems from a whopping 196 countries and includes Google-based search in numerous languages. The system evaluates up to 2,500 keywords per week (with an option to increase the volume), live monitoring, access to keyword history, and accurate information on CPC and search volume. It’s a powerful system to find keyword rankings and seems to provide a more accurate assessment than other SEO tools in the industry.

Social Signals

The social media tools place XOVI apart from its competitors, who are lacking a similar functionality. The tool presents detailed information on social media interaction and presence, including by link breakdown. Information is grabbed directly from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The data is clear and broken-down simply for presentation and interpretation.

Competitive Analysis

Xovi provides deep insight into competitor’s link profiles, keyword ranking, affiliate partners and ad placements. Their handy downloadable checklist and video tutorial offer an easy-to-follow guide to identify competitors and obtain an overview of their strengths and weaknesses. Unlike other SEO tools in the market, competitive analysis is not restricted in numbers or depending on payment brackets.


XOVI’s project management and reporting tools (white label) are its strongest features. Reports can be created in seconds and tailored to agencies and their clients.  The report templates look professional and can include any data collected by the ample and numerous tools. This can decrease agencies’ time investment for reporting, cutting down workload.

The Verdict

XOVI is a powerful SEO platform with promise to become a leader in the market. Their lack of artificial restrictions places their suite at an advantage over competitors, especially at the provided price points. With 11 all-encompassing tools, it could be the new ‘gold standard’ for SEO toolkits.

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