Round the Clock Receptionist: Greetly Review

Whether big or small, receptionists are an important part of every office. There is no perfect job description of a receptionist because they are required to play a lot of roles, which range from small tasks to big assignments. Typically speaking, they may be required to serve coffee in the office or may even be given responsibilities such as increasing the overall size of the business or boosting its sales. Thus, it can be said that receptionists are the superheroes of all companies who aren’t recognized most of the time. They are equally important as other important positions in the business.

Nonetheless, not every business can afford to hire a receptionist or may not wish to. Luckily, this technology advancement world offers some unique alternatives. One such option is available in the form of Greetly. This is an app and is designed for greeting visitors who come to your office. This app can be installed on your iPad and can be set up according to your preferences for greeting any visitors. When you have installed the app in your iPad, you can simply keep in it the reception area of the office. As soon as someone comes in, the app will select the purpose behind their visit and whom they wish to see. The employees in the office will be immediately notified by voice call, text and email.

Having this app in your office is extremely beneficial because it ensures that you have a receptionist round the clock. The app does not need to take breaks or go anywhere and is available at all times. In addition, it can leave a positive impact on the visitors because the system is prompt and sophisticated. However, the best part about using Greetly is that you can take advantage of all these features at a very reasonable cost. There are three types of packages offered by the app, which are:

Standard ($49 per month)
Pro ($99 per month)
Enterprise ($199 per month)

Greetly offers you the services for a complete month free of charge to enable you to check how it works. This is not a trial version. If you like the service, you can continue using the app on a monthly basis. It doesn’t require you to pay yearly subscriptions so there are no long-term commitments. If it doesn’t appeal to you, the app can simply be uninstalled and the service can be cancelled. You can save a lot of money by opting to install Greetly, especially when you simply need a receptionist for greeting visitors and notifying the appropriate individuals.

A live receptionist would have to be paid a considerable salary per month, not to mention the bonuses and benefits you have to offer. This problem is automatically eliminated with Greetly. In case, your receptionist does a lot more than greeting visitors, you can still use the app for improving the productivity of your live receptionists and reduce their workload. Download Greetly right away and reap the benefits associated with this professional receptionist app.

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