The Art of the Startup: How to Make Sure you are Organized for Success

You’ve taken the giant defining leap to get your startup off the ground. The best thing you can do for your new business is to stay in control of that which you can control. Be organized. It’ll give you peace of mind and create a structure to easily manage the variables that come your way.

Here are essential tips to keep your journey to startup success in line.

Office Tools

Creativity and inspiration play pivotal roles in motivating your process. Don’t overlook the obvious. An organized office space is essential to keeping the physical chaos at bay while you put your big ideas into play. When clients stream in, you shouldn’t clamor for files, pens, paper, or anything in between. Don’t waste precious time making trips to the store. Utilize online resources like to order supplies all at once and have them shipped to your location.

Red Tape

When entrepreneurs discuss successful endeavors, they rarely include the less-than-sexy details. Be sure to check city, state, and national governmental and industry requirements. An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is required for any business that isn’t a sole proprietorship operating under your given name. Even if you’re a sole proprietor utilizing your name, it’s a good idea to apply for an EIN to safeguard your personal information and take precautions against identity theft. In other instances, be sure to file DBA paperwork and advertise where necessary. Open your business bank account. Have all the information handy when that first client wants to write a check or wire a deposit.

On Paper

Whether internal or external, correspondence is essential to every business. Make a list of all the documents you need. This includes layouts with logo headers for invoices, proposals, and collection communications. A successful business isn’t all fabulous ideas and dynamic vision. You want the total package, and that includes looking professional on every document you send.

Internal Order

Your visions are your foundation. Keeping your mind organized may be the most important component to success. Stay focused, keep the big picture in mind, and incorporate stress-relief activities into your routine. Eat healthy and give yourself relaxation time to unwind.

Navigating a startup is an empowering and intense journey. You’ve harnessed the ideas. Don’t forget the obvious essentials. Put organization at the top of your list to bring order to the inevitable excitement. Good luck, have fun, and enjoy your new beginnings!

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