The Most Awaited Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Mobile Phone Available

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which had been introduced in March, 2015, is now available in Dubai, UAE courtesy This model of Samsung mobile phone has a curvy screen, which makes it easier to hold in the palm. Most of the Samsung mobile models so far have been large in size and difficult to hold in the palm, because of their pointed dimensions. Though Samsung has not changed the length and width of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, they have only curved the corners to make it easier for their customers to use this Smartphone.

New Features

This mobile phone has the same display, optical image stabilization, and processor features as their previous models. The only difference in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the curved screen. Wireless charging gets better with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Battery Life

The battery in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is non removable. If there is a problem in the battery, the user cannot remove the battery and replace it. The user has to go to an authorized Samsung dealer to replace the battery. The battery life in this model has been increased considerably compared to previous models. If a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is charged only for ten minutes, it can work for two to three hours. If you play 3D games, the battery drops by forty percent, every three hours, as long as the user is playing these games on this mobile phone.


A few features on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are similar to that of iPhones and Nokia Lumia series. The look of this Smartphone is similar to that of an iPhone. The other features, like, the glance feature, is similar to that of a Lumia phone. The contacts that the user calls frequently are always displayed at the edge of this Smartphone. The user does not have to browse through the contact list in order to call a frequently called contact. The signal strength is more or less similar in strength of its previous model, Samsung S6 mobile phone. If the user wants to upgrade from S6, they can do it only for the curved edges and sleek dimensions.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is more expensive than Samsung Galaxy S6, having most of the similar features, except the curved edged. The only reason this model is nearly a hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars more costlier than Galaxy S6 because curved edges are expensive to manufacture. It is user’s discretion if they want to upgrade from a Galaxy S6 to Galaxy S6 Edge.

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