The Top Ten Products to Consider Selling as a New Business Owner

Are you looking for a product to sell either in a brick and mortar location or on the Internet? Have you ever done this before? There is value in learning from your own mistakes, but there is greater value in learning from someone else’s mistakes. Daymond John, an entrepreneur and investor in the hit TV show, Shark Tank, has a number of websites to help you get started and avoid the mistakes that he has already made for you. One of his pieces of advice is “you need to be looking for a single profitable product to sell, not a profitable product niche to operate in”. Keeping that in mind, let’s look at a few products.

What Are the Hot Trends Right Now?

Food is always a hot trend, and it is always changing. What’s the hot-button item right now? Gluten. There is a small sensor that tests for allergens in your food! Only gluten now, but peanut and milk testing are in development. These are not even on the market yet, but you can get on the waitlist, and be the first to have them for sale.

Hiking and camping are popular activities. Check out pod Tents. A small pod will sleep four people and a large pod sleeps up to eight. Make your tent home as large or as small as desired with connecting walkways.

Another new product to enhance the rugged, outdoor life is the hammock for your truck or jeep. It connects from the roll bar in the front to the back and allows you to sleep off the ground, suspended in the air.

A number of manufacturers make outerwear for the outdoor life. Because it is quick-drying, outdoor people love it.

There is always a demand for personal body products. One unique body product is a natural deodorant. Some are made of aloe, clay, eucalyptus and hops. It absorbs order and wetness. This might be compared to some of Gary Young’s creations, but if so, it would be his later essential oil products and not some of his earlier not-so-successful products. It is not in stores yet, but can be pre-ordered.

The latest thing in dental hygiene is a toothbrush that has bamboo charcoal particles on half of the bristles to whiten the teeth and genuine gold nanoparticles to kill bacteria.

We love technology, and there are some great, new products out there that are not in the stores. There is an Underwater Drone is still raising funds via Kickstarter. It is guaranteed to be a hit with those who can afford more expensive toys.

How about a speaker rotates 360-degrees, analyzes the acoustics and shape of the room, and adjusts the audio accordingly? It is totally wireless.

We are always looking for energy-saving devices for the home. A bluetooth smart bulb does just this. With your smartphone, you can turn it off or on, brighten, dim or change the color or even turn it to disco, and it will save on your energy bill. Claims are that it is good for 27 years of normal life and uses 10 percent of the energy that a standard bulb uses.

For the kids, see water balloon filler. It lets you fill 100 water balloons in less than a minute. This brings water balloon fights into a completely new dimension. Staying on the topic of kids, yours might like the silicone mold that you use to form fried eggs. The end product is eggs in the shape of a cat’s face.

These are just a few suggestions for products you may be able to sell. Don’t go for products that are sold at Best Buy, Walmart, or any of the big box stores. You cannot compete with their prices, at least not yet. Look for those new, innovative products that are trending right now. 

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