At Home Entrepreneur: Tips to Help You Get Started

Many giant brands like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft all spent their conceptual phases at home. There were no shiny, corporate floors or prime real estate to greet the owners or employees as they got started. If you hope to emulate the approach these home-based entrepreneurs took, here are 5 tips that will help you get started.

Identify the Challenges Ahead

Preparation is everything when it comes to starting a home-based business. With no physical boundaries between your personal and entrepreneurial life, one half can easily and frequently interfere with the other. From children’s toys and laundry bins encroaching what is supposed to be home office space, to having to miss family events due to a meeting with a new client, keeping things organized and separate can be a challenge. Poor preparation on your part can substantially limit business productivity and quality of results. Try to keep a schedule of events and appointments for both work and family and be sure nothing overlaps. Make spaces separate and defined, and find ways to keep thing in one place.

Dress to Impress

Even if you’re flying solo, dressing up for your roles is a great way to show commitment and discipline to your chosen career path. While one of the many praised work perks of running a home-based business is the absence of a regular dress code, this doesn’t mean you should abandon the traditional practice of changing out of your pajamas and into actual work clothes. Find ways to stay motivated and professional, even when you’re all alone.

Organize and Designate Office Space

Invest in dividers that will allow you to section off a certain part of the house and solely devote it to work-related activities. Buy an office desk, shelves, and stackable bins for business documents that will accumulate over time. Places like Quantum Storage can help recommend equipment and storage solutions for both business and home. A small bookshelf may also be a great addition if you are planning to read up on business-related topics. For businesses that require industrial and mechanical equipment, the garage would be the most ideal part of the house to build your office around.

Use Willpower Correctly

Willpower is a finite resource, and is important to use wisely, otherwise you risk failing to do important tasks that affect your business. Prioritize the most important and challenging activities early in the morning, while finishing a lighter workload during the afternoon and night hours. Use a planner and make lists to keep track of everything you need to accomplish.

Go Outside for Ideas

Most business-related tasks will be completed in-house. However, business owners should also find the time to go outside and scout for ideas, be it good or bad. Not leaving the house for a string of days can drain your mind and body, and deprive it of the external stimulation it needs to function at the best levels. Find inspiration and take examples from others in the industry.

It can be tough to compete with other more established businesses, but these tips should give you the competitive edge to survive for the first couple of months, which is arguably the most crucial period for your entrepreneurial brainchild. 

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