Increasing Employee Productivity Has Become Quite Easy Now

When you start a business you have to earn profits in order to remain in business and expand further. There are hundreds of things that are keeping you from expanding and becoming a big business. Financial issues are the common concern for all starting businesses but there are certain things that often go unnoticed. Even the big businesses are often found working on their marketing strategies and advertisement without realizing that there could be other reasons that are keeping them from hitting their goals. One of those unaddressed reasons is employees not providing their full.

Whether you have employees working on your premises or in various parts of the world as remote employees, there are some great ways to track their working now. We can take the example of Screenmeter. This particular software uses a very effective and simple technique for businesses to monitor the working of their employees. With this amazing software the employers are always in control. They can see an employee working at any given moment through an online dashboard. The good thing is that these softwares are now being made available not only for computers but tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices too.

The software will simply start logging the time of the employee as soon as it is started. The employees can start the time of their task and the software will run in the background to keep track of the time. However, this is not the only purpose of the software. The software will additionally take screenshots of the screen. It will keep logging time and recording screenshots to make sure the employee is working. These screenshots can be accessed by the employer from an online dashboard. With Screenmeter you will have an advantage that their website is mobile friendly so you can view the logs on your tablet or smartphone easily.

Most of the similar softwares in the past have been acting like spy softwares. Those tools would allow business owners and managers to know about the daily activities of their employees on their workstations in a stealthy manner. This lifted the trust of the employees from their employers. Screenmeter is different in that it lets the employees start the clock on the software when an employee is ready to start working on a task. This keeps the employer informed through online real-time screenshots and the employee happy for the control.

Taking screenshots of the monitor is not the only thing that can be expected from the software. It provides detailed reports at the end of the day so employers and managers can know how productive their employees are. This way they can reward the most honest and hardworking employees and take care of the ones who are not focusing on work. With real time screenshots the employers will always know when their employees are working and when they are playing online games or using Facebook. The online dashboard guarantees that these screenshots can be viewed from anywhere and at any time when internet is available. 

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