Office Space: Everything New Business Owners Might Need for Their Startup

According to Forbes Magazine, the vast majority of startups fail. In other words, the odds are against you. If you want your small business to have the best chance at success, you are going to need some essentials. Among them is a properly equipped office space. As the heart of your enterprise, you need your office to be fully functional. Here are some of what you need to create a productive office space for your startup:

• The Right Office Space

Factors that you should consider when choosing an office space include:

The Lease Term
How long is it? A longer lease term comes the risk of being tied into a space that will not meet your needs once your enterprise starts to grow.

The Price

It is a good idea to set a budget for all office related costs instead of focusing on rent per square foot. This will help to narrow your options and make the search a more manageable one.


No two spaces with the same square footage will be exactly the same. Look for office layouts that will benefit your business.


Carefully weigh the cost and access to the parking spaces that your customers and employees will use. Take the time to walk through the parking lot and look at your spaces before you sign a lease. Avoid renting office space where it is difficult to park or where it will be expensive for your customers and employees.

• The Right Office Furniture and Equipment

Start with the basics that will allow your business to function. You are going to need desks, chair and maybe conference tables. If you have a waiting room, you will need chairs for people to sit. Choose your office furniture for durability.

You will also need technology. Having a laptop or desktop computer is essential, even if you already have a powerful tablet or smartphone. The reason is that a PC can run applications that are more powerful. You will also be able back up important data on a desktop’s hard drive rather than in the cloud, which can be useful in some cases. In addition, each of your employees should have their own PC as well as access to the Internet. Old-fashioned devices like printers, copiers and scanners continue to be widely used in many businesses and you may need these as well. There are printers that can serve all three functions.

• Documents Specific to Your Business

Every enterprise will need certain documents that are important when budgeting, as well as for invoices or for contracts. Paperwork can also be important when accurate date is needed to answer customer questions, or if they request a copy of an invoice. You also get a backup in the event of a network failure or some other form of technological malfunction.

• Storage Space

One of a small startup’s goals is growth. A business that is growing will need more space. Self-storage can be an extremely useful tool for a business that is expanding. Renting a storage unit can allow a startup to expand without changing premises. Self-storage facilities like The Storage Center also offer a number of benefits that entrepreneurs will find useful. These benefits include security features as well as around-the-clock, seven-day access to storage units. Another potential benefit has to do with de-cluttering. This may be necessary if your office is cluttered with equipment, filing cabinets or furniture that you do not need on a regular basis. De-cluttering creates a more efficient workspace.

• Desk Supplies

Though they may be taken for granted, these are the basics of what you need to operate a business. No startup can function without supplies like pens, stationery and staplers. You will need to have them stored in a location where your employees can access them easily.

These are a few of the essentials for a startup’s success. Handling these basics early on can allow you to focus on providing a better product or service to your customers. 

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