Speazie Review: A Technological Community of Musicians

Speazie is a technological community of musicians, rappers, artists and creators, from first-time producers to seasoned pros and vocalists. Founded by Rahul & Sahil Keswani, the app provides artists with a high-quality music-recording tool that fits right in your pocket. Speazie enables vocalists, producers, or a mix of both, to create new songs through their mobile device.

What Instagram is to photography, Speazie is to recording studios. Given my recent usage of the application, which is currently limited to iOs users, but coming to Google Play stores shortly, there’s only 5 super simple steps to creating a track, and sharing it through social networks and promotional platforms (streamlining the creation and sharing actions). Additionally, there’s also a plethora of community beats that users can browse and utilize to track their vocals and edit them as they see fit. From a creation standpoint, Speazie has a fairly substantial arsenal of editing tools that allow for unlimited customizing options.

Given the technological landscape, and the growth in power of the iOs platform, there’s a noticeable void in the mobile audio recording world. A plethora of applications have compacted almost every realm of entertainment and art – Vine & Youtube with videos, Instagram with photography, Twitter with writing & journalism… but nothing currently exists to mobilize audio recording an engineering. Speazie is a very valid option in filling this noticeable niche.

In conclusion, there’s a wide appeal here, from professional musicians, to casual singers. The application successfully walks the fine line between in-depth creative options, to simplistic hobby-driven fun. For more information, visit – http://www.speazie.com 

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