Why Gateway Travel Corp Has Become Travel Agents’ Favorite Choice

Traveling is never going to stop for as long as this world lives. As humans we cannot avoid the temptation of going to different places and experiencing the many aspects of other places. Different people travel for different reasons. However, these people need to be given the best experience of traveling for them to remain tenacious to their passion of traveling. Traveling packages are provided by travel agencies and agents. Travel agents have to be associated with a traveling corporation in order to offer many great facilities, luxuries and perks to their customers as they travel.

While there are many other traveling companies to get connected to, Gateway Travel Corp has emerged as the most favorite for most of the travel agents. Gateway Travel Corp is one of the few companies out there that are fully focused on facilitating their agents through only the transparent methods and using the latest technological tools. Using latest technological tools guarantees that company’s interaction with its agents is fast, reliable and in-time. Furthermore, agents associated with the company can also benefit from these tools in order to increase their business and stay on top of tasks they have on day to day basis.

First, Gateway Travel Corp has automated the entire system for its agents. This allows its agents to log in to a platform where not only they can see the latest updates from the suppliers of Gateway Travel Corp but also keep a close eye on their clients. It is also one of the few companies out there that have automated and facilitated the marketing for its agents. Through the latest software for its agents, the company has given agents the options of direct mail marketing, email marketing and much more. It even provides proper education to its agents so they can stay on top of their business.

The training programs are conducted in many different ways. Agents can learn about the latest traveling trends and any important information about traveling through agent mentoring programs or webinars. Through the software platform the agents are able to know all the latest changes the suppliers are making in their packages so agents can always provide the latest information to their customers. The best thing about Gateway Travel Corp is that it has a huge list of all types of suppliers such as attraction and events, cruises, ground transportation, car rental, tours, hotels, insurances etc.

The online platform also features a hub for all travel agents associated with the company to get answers to all of their frequent questions. There are several packages for agents to choose from and each package has something better to offer over the other package. The fees for the packages are paid on annual basis but switch from one package to another package can be made at any point during the contract. There is also a free package with no monthly cost and still a great commission schedule. The maximum commission on any package is 90% for the traveling agent. 

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