How To Start An Online Money Making Business That Works

How To Start An Online Money Making Business That Works

Starting an online business to make money is really simple and developing our business is the key. Not everyone who start online business get successful and only 1% of them get succeed by reliable money making on internet. In this article you can learn how to start an online business and become successful by earning more than your monthly work salary.

Blogging [Start a knowledge based source]

Starting a blog is not a rocket science and it can be done by anyone with basic knowledge in case of blogger and there are several guides available on web for wordpress based blog. Your work starts only after setting up your blog. I’ve mentioned in heading that you should start a knowledge based blog which means your blog should have some reason for the readers to visit your blog. This is the main phrase that you have to fix in your mind while starting a blog. Analyse yourself to find which field you’ve some knowledge or find a niche you’re interested in. Speaking about niche, it’s a vast subject which cannot be discussed here and you must research to find if the niche chosen is profitable.

Now you’re all set and its time to write your first article. Take your time make it informative. Your articles should give value to your visitors. In simple blog for passion and not for money. You will earn more money if you make your visitors happy. Continue to read to find how to make money using the blog.

Make money through click based ads

The most common way the bloggers use to make money online is by monetizing their blog with click based ads. Google adsense is the most famous click based advertising network that I recommend you to go with it. Compared to other basic ad networks, you can earn better through Google AdSense especially if your traffic is from tier-1 countries. If your traffic is not from countries like USA, you can also switch to other ad networks such as Adhitz which has fixed CPC of minimum $0.05 which is better compared to $0.01 for certain unprofitable traffic or niche.

Now how this program works? Whenever your visitor interacts with an advertisement on your site, your account will be instantly credited with the rate allotted which is based on the niche and the demographics as mentioned above. Apart from click based advertising there are impression based advertising networks which pays you on basis of cost per 1000 impressions on their ad inventory. Cost per view is very rare where we get paid for individual view of an ad inventory based on visitor’s demographics.

Earn money through affiliate marketing

This is little bit advanced where advanced bloggers will be dare to try them. In affiliate marketing we get paid whenever the visitor completes a purchase or signup on a website. So we are not paid for clicks, instead an action has to be taken after clicking the link or ad inventory. Affiliate marketing can take us very high or nothing. That’s why most of the bloggers don’t even try these kind of stuffs. Affiliate marketing requires high experience and good strategy.

Just go with click based marketing as a beginners and go with sale based marketing in future after gaining experience.

Final words

Hope you would have got an idea about how to start an online business to start making money online. Other than starting a blog, you can try you tube partner program, you tube affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing using traffic exchange etc. Work for passion and not for money! You will see your growth in near future.

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