Various Types of BMW Services You Should Know About

Various Types of BMW Service You Should Know About

There is no doubt that BMW is one of the leading car brands in the world and a lot of credit for this must be given to the services provided by them. Starting from services such as condition based maintenance to scheduled maintenance, when you sign up with BMW, you will be entitled to some of the best and viable car services in the market.

Types of BMW services:

  • Condition Based BMW Services:

As you are aware, BMW is known to introduce state of the art technology to their cars and the Condition Based Servicing or CBS is the result of that. Here, you will find cars of newer models having this special system retrofitted in them. What this system or program primarily does is keep an eye on the various components of the car. This, in effect, makes sure that you get updated information on the health of these components. This is both logical and convenient for the customers. If the system feels there is an issue with the car, then you will be notified immediately by the CBS icon which you will find on the dashboard of the car. Moreover, the CBS also safely stores the data of the car in the key. This is a careful method to avoid loss of important data which can be read with the help of the BMW Key Reader to assess the issues of the car.

If you plan to use this system to your advantage, then it would be prudent to get yourself acquainted with the important CBS icons on your dashboard.

  • Spark Plugs: If you see the spark plug icon blinking on the dashboard then it is time to change the spark plug in your petrol. But the thing about spark plugs is that anyone who knows about BMW cars should be vigilant enough to change the spark plugs with every second oil change. Moreover, when you are changing it, then it would wise to change the air filter as well. Remember, this particular icon might not blink every time so keeping a tab on the spark filter would be appreciated.
  • Microfilter: Also known as pollen filter, this is one component which needs to be changed with every oil change. Here as well, you may not see the icon blinking on the dashboard all the time, so applying caution here is the need of the hour.
  • Diesel Particulate Filter: If you are driving your car regularly then keeping your eye on this icon is of utmost importance. The blinking of this icon indicates either a blockage of the filter or a change of filter. Therefore, never make the mistake of ignoring it.
  • Scheduled BMW Services:

If the model which you are using doesn’t have CBS system, then you can always use the scheduled maintenance or service interval indicator system. Here, the system in place will check the mileage of the car as well as the time elapsed since last servicing to gauge when your car due is for the next servicing.

For this purpose, dedicated icons are present on the dashboard. Here are some of the important icons that might guide you.

  • Oil service: this icon is a clear indicator that time has come to change the oil of your car. When you see this, it is imperative you visit a BMW service centre to get the oil changed instantly for proper functioning of the car.
  • Inspection I: When you see this icon, you can be sure that everything starting from Micro filter to oil, needs to be and will be changed. Moreover, certain additional inspection on the car may also be done on the car to assess the health of the car and whether it needs any other services or not.

So, all these are the various types of BMW Service. Select the best BMW service according to your need.

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