RemoteToPC Review: Access to Remote PC, Remote Monitoring and Alerts

RemoteToPC Review: Access to Remote Desktop, Monitoring and Alerts

Implementing a complex monitoring tool is often difficult for most people. Getting Remote PC Access and Remote Monitoring installed is an even bigger issue. In addition, many people have to go through a lot of trouble understanding the settings and how these systems work. There seem to be millions of settings that have to be configured before you are all set.

There is a good way to setup all of those parameters and make the changes on many computers at once. RemoteToPC is that solution. It offers remote support tools for remote PC access and remote IT management. The company offers plans for home or office remote PC access, or for PC remote support, with unattended remote access & built-in RMM tools for remote PC assistance.

For an IT Company, there are options such as Labtech corp, Kaseya, and Solar Winds. They all offer some RMM features now, but their solutions are available at pretty high cost. It is the sort of the premise behind why RemoteToPC was built. RemoteToPC is actually cheaper than most unattended Remote PC Access solutions out there, and the company provides basic monitoring, and alerts with each install.

RemoteToPC Review: Access to Remote Desktop, Monitoring and Alerts

It is a single install by the way, and there is no reboot required. There is also barely any learning curve. Most of the options are preset, and they just start working, informing you if the RAM, CPU, or DISK on any workstation or server it’s installed on goes over a very high percent. There’s also a server heartbeat monitor, and other features, such as a remote reboot, and graphic metric monitoring history. That’s just the monitoring and alert portion of our secure, unattended remote PC access client.

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