7 Top Apps to Boost Your Business

7 Top Apps to Boost Your Business

Between keeping track of employees work flow, easing customer complaints and monitoring your budget, there are a lot of challenges to overseeing a business. If you want to become more organized and boost your productivity, you may find the answer in your smartphone or tablet. Today’s apps can do everything from teach you how to cook a gourmet meal to help you work out. Certain apps also provide ways to boost your business.


There are a number of skills necessary to help your business grow and flourish. The right communication can help you launch products, form healthy relationships with customers and enjoy significant business growth. The Addappt is an app that easily lets your business contacts update contact info through your own address book. If one of your suppliers has a new email address, they could make the change into your own address book. Your family members and friends can also make updates through the same app.


It can take years of experience for a company to become a trusted manufacturer in the business world. KB Delta has state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience in the engineering field that has made them into an industry leader. But to run a successful business, you also need solid employee communication. Fuze is a hot videoconferencing app where companies can host discussions, meetings and conferences online. The app also offers a crystal clear picture in high definition, crisp sound and easy set up.


Competitors have tried to unseat Skype from its videoconferencing throne. But it still remains one of the most effective ways to communicate both for business and personal use. Whether you’re chatting with colleagues overseas or someone in the next room, it’s an amazing tool for your business to stay connected. You can also share files, photos, and the computer screen.


Making the most of your time is critical for businesses of any size. Clear is an app that allows user to manage and create a set of daily tasks. You can also set reminders for business meetings or appointments. When something on your list is complete, you and swipe off screen. It can also be synced to the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod Touch and more.


If you’re looking to track how you spend your work day, RescueTime gives you an accurate reading. Based on your activity, the app will deliver a detailed report showing you areas you could be more productive. Although the app is free, the premium version offers blocking capabilities, alerts and detailed reports.


Making sure your customers pay on time is crucial to your businesses cash flow. There are apps that allow your customers to easily pay their invoices using their debit or credit cards. Paypal is a well-known platform that links your credit and bank accounts to your Paypal account. Because the transactions are easy and painless, you won’t have to spend a lot of time on collections.


Tracking receipts and items expensed is a huge part of your business. But it can also become a headache if you’re trying to make a flight. Expensify is a unique app for tracking your expenses when you’re on a business trip. Whether you link your debit or credit cards, the items are automatically placed on your report. You can also take photos of your receipts, and the app will automatically track the information.

Running a business is hard work. You can reduce some of your stress by letting your tablet or smartphone take on some of your workload. The above latest apps prove helpful in everything from communicating and payment to keeping track of expenses and managing your time.

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