HostWithLove WordPress SSD LiteSpeed Hosting Experience | Review

HostWithLove WordPress SSD LiteSpeed Hosting Experience | Review

Why Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting allows you to resell hosting packages to your clients without needing to know how to manage a server – the hosting company (HostWithLove) will take care of the server’s management and security – play your cards right and you’ll turn a profit.

HostWithLove Reseller General Review

3 year ago, I was looking for a reliable and friendly provider. I saw HostWithLove and I hesitated to give them a try mainly because they seemed new and had few reviews. But I decided to try them anyway. Till today, all I can say is that was the best decision ever.

HWL offered me a “custom” reseller package to suit my needs and I moved all of my websites from a shared account to my new HWL reseller account. Actually I didn’t move anything, HWL support team moved everything for me, free of charge. That alone is a great reason to go with this company.

So far I don’t have a single complaint. I’ve requested support several times and always received help in a short time. Unlike other hosting companies that I had been with who give you a one-liner answer, the folks at HostWithLove actually explain to you in great detail what the issue was, so you know what is going on. By the way, HostWithLove if you are reading this, thumbs up to your support team! Treat them to a drinking session! These folks are very knowledgeable, patient and very friendly souls.

I haven’t seen any downtime at all so far and if anything, my sites are loading a lot faster than with my previous host.

Moral of story, if you want a reliable hosting service coupled with knowledgeable and friendly support, give these guys a try.

HostWithLove Reseller Hosting Expansion

HostWithLove WordPress SSD LiteSpeed Hosting Experience | Review

In just a span of 3 years, HostWithLove expanded rapidly and now offers hosting services in a total of 9 locations across 4 continents.

When considering a hosting provider, you should also bear in mind which locations the hosting provider offers. The best location to select will be one that is closest to majority of your website’s audience or target visitors. Some hosting providers offer hosting services only in the US and if you have majority of your website’s audience coming from the Europe or Asia, then that won’t work for you. To this end, HostWithLove’s catalogue of 9 locations across 4 continents (at the time of this post) should be able to offer you with much more flexibility than any other provider.

HostWithLove Reseller Hosting server speed

As I earlier mentioned above, HostWithLove’s server speed is very impressive. Being based in the UK and having the bulk of my clients here, they recommended me to take up a reseller plan from their London server. I can say that their network speed is very impressive.

HostWithLove customer support

The main concern I had before I signed up with any provider was about the customer support. HostWithLove did not have live chat support and I was worried about being able to resolve issues quickly or who to speak to when it was an emergency and I needed a quick reply.

I have actually found to my astonishment that ticket customer service was much quicker than live chat support from other tech companies. When you are with live chat the tech support person is hosting numerous conversations and resolving multiple issues, so you have long periods of quiet and inaction. Which, if the problem is urgent or very simple, seems to increase your stress and frustration as nothing is happening to resolve the issue.

HostWithLove also told me something that made sense – in most cases the personnel handling the live chat session with you would only provide a simple diagnosis of the issue and then summarizes the issue into a ticket, before opening it on your behalf, so at the end of the day you are still stuck waiting for someone to respond to you via ticket. By skipping the live chat support and only providing clients with ticket support, they said that this cut down an unnecessary step which allows them to focus personnel on more important areas such as addressing the crux of the issue, and by my personal experience (as well as countless other reviews I found), this is extremely true. I usually get my issue solved within their first response. More complicated issues necessarily take longer but you are not stuck in limbo. Their staffs are very proactive and possibly due to the fact their personnel are all in-house trained, they seem to already know what you want or need to do so I’ve never had to explain more than what is really necessary.

Having never expected to advance to any ‘webmaster’ skills, I am now the proud owner of nearly a hundred clients and earning a steady recurring income. Most people believe that to start a web-hosting business, you need to know how to manage your own server which is in itself a huge barrier to entry. This is untrue. My own experience was virtually none and I am sure you can do the same too. But you will definitely need an inquisitive mind and a hosting company that will handhold you, and this hosting company is none other than HostWithLove.

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