IMYPATH Review: The Best Social Networking App

Let’s face it; our smartphones have completely revolutionized the field of communication. A few decades ago, our communications were conducted by voice or by video in very rare cases as it was very expensive. However, with the growing power of smartphones and the rise in data transfer rates, social networking apps have become the norm and have gone a long way in improving and enhancing communication. In this age and day, social networking has become one of the most essential ways to communicate. Sharing videos, files, songs and other media has almost become a way of life and this has gone beyond the scope of hobbies.

These days, social media platforms are being used for finding spouses and jobs and connecting with distant friends and family. There has been an explosion of social networking apps such as Facebook, Twitter and what not. The question is; do we really need another social networking app? What does IMYPATH has to offer?

One of the biggest problems with current social networking apps and platforms is the overload of information. Regardless of how careful you are in choosing your groups, friends and information sources, your feed is going to be flooded with a cascade of irrelevant posts that you don’t really care to read. This overload of information is exactly what you will be free off when you opt for IMYPATH. This particular social network brings forward the category system. Users can take advantage of this system to decide what they want to see and read thereby putting a stop to any information overload.

Everything is focused on information control with IMYPATH. You can decide what you are interested in from a wide selection of categories and the network will deliver information and posts that are relevant only to the categories you have selected. Another advantage of IMYPATH is that it allows you to create custom categories and everything you will see or do will be categorized according to your selection. Apart from this, the social network also boasts the functionality that is expected from it. This means that you can use IMYPATH for sending private messages, sharing media, posting statuses and lots more.

The network has a very streamlined interface, which makes it easy to use and you will not drown in information you don’t want to see. You can use the website or the app of IMYPATH for creating a profile and connecting with your family, friends, co-workers etc. You can connect with people who have the same hobbies and interests as you do. One of the greatest benefits of IMYPATH is that it comes in really handy in helping you get connected with potential employers, clients, employees, supporters, role models and friends.

There is also a ranking system at IMYPATH where users can rate profiles on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. The aim of this ranking system is to enable users to select the best of the best in all categories so you can know the leaders in all prospective categories.

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