Some Useful Tips For A Successful Dad Blog

Some Useful Tips For A Successful Dad Blog

Parenting blogging was once considered a mom’s domain.  But recently the times have changed as more and more dads are sharing their side of parenting with internet audiences.  Having a successful dad blog is something that can be achieved with the right tools and motivation.  All it takes are a few simple strategies, and you’ll be well on your way.

Choose Your Focus

What kind of a dad are you? Are you the sports dad?  The funny dad? Or perhaps you are the single dad?  When embarking upon your blog, make sure that you have a laser focus of what your content will consist of.  By identifying your focus, you can create your brand.   Not sure what kind of dad you are? Make that work to your advantage. Perhaps you’re the “Just Figuring Out This Dad Thing” dad. By identifying what kind of theme your blog will be then the content will simply flow, and people will know what they’re in for.

Post Regular Content

Victoria Yore, blogger and digital influencer says, “The key to online success is consistency. If you only have the time to post once a week, make it into a big deal so that your followers are excited to read your new post each and every Wednesday.”  If you don’t have time to post 5 times a day just make those few posts really count.  If you aren’t much of a writer, then perhaps your blog will be a collection of funny photographs, videos, and links to outside content.  Whatever it is that your content is, just make it as regularly updated as possible.

Share Tips

One of the fastest ways to attract readers is to be an expert on something.  Besides for entertainment, the vast majority of people who read blogs will tell you it’s to educate themselves on something or find a tutorial.  By sharing your expertise on something you give yourself credibility.  Perhaps you can share DIY tips, parenting tips, or what to do in a medical emergency. There are a multitude of ways that you can assert yourself as an expert on something. Even if it’s an expert of funny!

Make It Personal

Even if your blog doesn’t have any writing in it and is merely a collection of various content from other locations, make it a point to introduce yourself at least once. Include a little bioabout yourself, and a photo to show the face behind the content.  Readers like to feel connected with the blogger, same as when you flip to the last page of a book to see the photo of the author.  By giving your visitors the inside scoop on who you are, you invite them to be your friend in a sense.

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