3 Types of High Demand Web Hosting Plan

3 Types of High Demand Web Hosting Plan

There are few types of hosting plan that offered by web hosting providers including free, shared, cloud, virtual private server or VPS, dedicated and managed hosting. Each hosting service have their own pricing plan, ranging from $3 per-month to $200 per-month and even higher if its a dedicated managed hosting package.

Hosting plan you choose should meet your requirement, are you running a business? are you building a high traffic website? are you building an eCommerce website? these are the few consideration you need to ask yourself when choosing the right hosting plan for your website. In reasonable point of view, it is a waste if you take a dedicated or VPS hosting plan if you’re just going to run one website with low traffic monthly. These 2 hosting plan usually cost you around $50 to $150 monthly. Unless you’re running a low traffic eCommerce website that can reach sells more than your hosting plan cost per-month then by all mean you should choose the more CPU power, higher memory and 99.9% up-time of VPS or dedicated hosting plan.

Not everyone can afford a high expensive hosting such as VPS and dedicated hosting plan. However you shouldn’t be disappointing because here are more affordable, cost effective and high demand web hosting plan for regular bloggers.

Shared Web Hosting

This is the most popular hosting plan, its cheap, easy to setup and offer the most basic hosting service for anyone who wanted to start a new website. However using a shared hosting plan also means you’ll be sharing the server resources such as CPU, memory, disk space and bandwidth etc with other users. If one of the website in your shared server overloads then all users from same hosting server machine will suffer low speed, limited disk space, memory issues, and downtime.

Cloud Web Hosting

On cloud hosting plan, you did not have to worry about CPU, memory, disk space and bandwidth overloads. Cloud hosting hosted your website in multiple virtual server connected to a one large scaleable semi-dedicated server, this way your website wouldn’t depend on only one server machine so even if your current server machine is broken or overload, the others machine from cloud hosting’s multiple virtual server will still continue running effectively therefore no downtime will occur.

Free Web Hosting

Free hosting plan offer a free of charge and no monthly plan subscription hosting service. However each free hosting provider’s policy might be different from one and another. Free hosting provider usually provide free space and free sub-domain name but had limitation on disk space, memory and bandwidth etc. Some free host provider also add their own advertisement in your website for using their free service, it can be irritated to see advertisement banner or link that were not yours. Alternately you can check this list of best free hosting that do not implement annoying advertisement in your website for using their free hosting service.


These are the three most popular web hosting plan usually sought by start-up or beginner blogger. However there are a few options beside these three hosting plan, you could host your website in free sub domain hosting platform such as WordPress.com or Blogger.com. Both of this service platform can help you move or migrate your hosted sub-domain site to your own top level domain when needed.

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