3 Signs Snail Mail Is Eating Up Your Time

3 Signs Snail Mail Is Eating Up Your Time

You’re always running on a tight schedule like most of us. With your 9 to 5 lifestyle, no one really envies you. After trying to get work done, picking your kids from school, or just preparing dinner, no one expects that you drive all the way to the post office to check your postal mail, regardless of the importance of the letters that you’re waiting for.

#1 Devoting a Day for Snail Mail

So, you have decided to devote a day every week to go to the post office and check all your items. Well, it’s not such a bad idea if you think of it, but when you arrive, you find nothing of relevance – just some stupid junk mail items that you don’t need. What a frustrating experience it is to drive to the post office and find nothing. That time could’ve been spent in doing something more profitable. You could’ve watched your favorite show, read a book, or visited someone.

#2 Fixing Your Mailbox to the Ground

You’re such a lucky person. You have your mailbox at your yard, so you don’t have to drive to the post office. But then you have another task just as important. You will find yourself frequently fixing your mailbox to the ground because the wind keeps blowing it down, or simply the neighbors’ dog just decides to attack it for no apparent reason.

#3 Sorting Piles and Shredding Junk

Whether you have the mailbox at your yard or the post office is near, you still have a boring job to do. Every day you pick your mail, you sometimes throw it at the dinner table, or inside the mail station – to make the dinner table look less messy – so you can check it later. The pile gets larger and larger every day and by the time you decide it’s time to have it all sorted, it takes more time than it should.

What Should You Do?

Time is precious and there is nothing worse than minutes you lose trying to sort out piles of mail and shred items that shouldn’t be in your hands in the first place. There is an untraditional method to handle postal mail effectively – PostScan Mail’s virtual mailboxes.

Here is how the service works. You can pick a virtual address and your mail will reach PostScan Mail’s mail facility where it is sorted and scanned. You will be notified through a secure web-based account where you can view all items that you receive and decide further actions: forwarding, scanning letter contents, shredding, or recycling without going anywhere.

And here’s how you can save time and read your mail online with virtual mailboxes. There will be no trips to the post office and no mailbox to install and you’ll use your time wisely, thinking only of things that matter.

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