4 Keys to Managing Your Direct Sales Company’s Online Brand

4 Keys to Managing Your Direct Sales Company's Online Brand

There are many people who can show you how to destroy a company’s online brand. Even though they don’t intend to do it, there are a lot of unprofessional ways people mistakenly drive their efforts into the ground. If you’d like to avoid making the same mistakes, consider these four keys to managing your direct sales company’s online brand.

1. Be Consistent

When you’re managing your online brand, it’s vital that you stay consistent with your posts. It’s important to share at the same times and days. This level of consistency allows people to know where you are and when they can tune in to see more updates from you. If you post consistently for two or three weeks and then don’t post at all for another three weeks, people will forget about you and move on to the next thing. To stay relevant and manage your company’s brand, stay consistent with your online marketing efforts.

2. Keep Things Polished

Understand that there are thousands of blogs in the marketplace. There are also millions of users across all the social media platforms. In order to stand out as a formidable force, you’ve got to maintain a level of professionalism. Hire a graphic designer to create a few fonts and color palettes for you to stick to. It would be nice if the colors are complimentary to your direct sales company’s main branding. This creates a level of consistency and continuity. If people see a polished brand, they’ll take you seriously and respect your brand in a different way.

3. Share the Lifestyle

Oftentimes, when people are selling products from a direct sales company, it can come off as desperate and annoying. This is mainly because people usually promise wealth and lifestyles that they’re usually not living. The ones that find the most success with direct sales companies are the people who have the lifestyles to back up their promises.

Even though some mistakenly believe that ACN is a pyramid scheme, the success of their employees and their online reputation help assuage any suspicions. Remember that people will buy into the lifestyle before they buy into a product. Show them what the selling the products allowed you to experience.

If you’ve just started with the company and are making $100 a month, show a picture of the groceries you were able to purchase for your family with the money you made. If you were able to make $1,000 in two weeks with the company, share a picture of your smiling face after you paid off the last of your credit card debt. These are the types of things people want to see on a regular basis if they’re going to buy into your online marketing efforts.

4. Use a Funnel

Once you’ve captured the interest of your followers, always have a link that they can sign up under. That link should then send them to an opt-in box for your email list and a squeeze page. Once you have captured the emails of your followers, they’re allowing you to sell them whatever you have to offer.

In this case, it’s a great idea to then sell your company’s products in a way that won’t seem like spam. In the case of an email list, you have a golden opportunity to control what people see and still sell your products without shame. Sure, you may have a few people who opt out. Over time, you’ll realize what language works best and what your ad copy should look like in each email.

Managing a brand might feel difficult in the beginning and to be truthful, it can be a steep learning curve. Fortunately, marketing can get easier with time and feel like second nature. Just stick with these four strategies as your foundation and build from there.

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