4 Mobile Apps That Will Save You Time and Money

4 Mobile Apps That Will Save You Time and Money

Mobile apps are constantly to changing the way we organize our days and interact with others. As our smartphones become a central tool in our business and personal lives, app developers seek out solutions to problems that utilize our ever-present devices. Here are four mobile apps you should download that solve common problems to help save time and money!

Unroll.me – Clean Out Your Inbox

Sifting through unwanted emails can create a serious time-suck for people that love an organized inbox. Unroll.me is an app that synchronizes with your email accounts to collect all subscription emails and pulls them all into a daily “rollup”. You can choose to have multiple rollups per day, as well as choose categories that you are more interested in seeing first.

FastCustomer – No More Holding for Customer Service Calls

Instead of waiting on hold with customer service departments, imagine if they called you? The FastCustomer mobile app makes that possible with their mobile application. Choose from over 3,000 companies and your desired department to secure a spot in the queue, then wait for a call. If you don’t see the company you need listed, they take suggestions immediately! The app reviewers make it clear that this app is a hidden gem.

Autolist – Search The Most Car Listings Online, All In One Place

Buying a car has become synonymous with hours of online research. Autolist offers the highest rated car-buying app for both Android and iOS; it is both easy-to-use and extremely helpful. The app pulls all listings available online, creating the largest inventory available in one place. Instead of searching site after site to find your perfect car, the Autolist app does that work for you! There is also a notification function you can turn on to alert you of fresh listings daily.

Mint – Easy Home Budgeting

In the digital age, it can be easy to lose track of where and when you’re spending money. Mint is a budgeting app that tracks your financial accounts and reports a summary of your activities for analysis. Easily track your net worth by adding student loan accounts, mortgage and car payments, credit accounts, and bank accounts. Mint gives you a real-time snapshot of your financial health and helps you track progress on spending/saving goals!

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