7 Tools to Make the Life of an HR Easier

7 Tools to Make the Life of an HR Easier

The human resources is one of the most dynamic business niches. HR professionals always need to be in line with the latest industry trends and labor law changes. This niche is also closely aligned with the business intelligence tech and HR professionals need to use the latest tools and apps for organizing employee teams, tracking their performance and calculating employees’ payroll and benefits. In this article, we’ve shared 7 helpful tools that will make the life of HR professionals much easier.

Plum.io – Hiring and recruiting

Hiring the right people is one of the biggest HR challenges. Bad hire can cause significant costs for the company and that’s why there are dozens of tools that help recruiters to create better candidate assessments. Plum.io is one of the most comprehensive tools that covers the whole recruiting process. First it analyzes the job post and then creates the appropriate tests for candidates. Plum.io helps recruiters to create short lists of suitable candidates by combining test results with the information obtained from the candidates’ resumes. This way it speeds up the recruitment process and decreases the employee turnover for more than 67%.

TriNet – Administration and people management

Unfortunately, HR teams still need to conduct lots of boring administrative tasks that drastically decrease their overall productivity. TriNet is a classic administrative tool that allows HR professionals to create complex lists and track their employees’ work. This app’s features include: absence management, calendaring and performance reviews. It also comes with a goal setting system that will boost team’s productivity and increase company’s overall output. In addition to all this, TriNet also comes with well-designed and easy to use interface.

Know Your Company- Employee feedback

Small and medium sized enterprises that have experienced a quick business growth and increased the number of employees have a lot of problems with keeping their team engaged and motivated. Know Your Company solves this problem by creating the channel for critical insights. Good employee feedback improves company’s business and introduces more transparency into everyday team management.

Shift Planning- Scheduling

Shift planning can be very complex and tiresome, especially in companies with a large workforce and continuous production. That’s why HR professionals often use shift scheduling for keeping their employees on the same page. The Shift Planning app eliminates all types of scheduling conflicts and enables HR professionals to control employees’ overtime. It can also be used for tracking employees’ working hours and processing their payroll.

Udemy for Business- Employee training

Udemy is a huge online course directory. At the moment there are more than 42,000 courses and 14 million students. It allows employees to learn new skills and adapt their skill set to the latest market trends. Udemy for Business is a team learning platform, which provides more than 2,000 courses to your company and measures your team’s learning engagement. The platform employs real-world experts on the topics they know best. In order to minimize the training costs, entrepreneurs or HR professionals can become Udemy educators themselves.

Evernote – Personal Productivity

This is the most popular note taking app. It allows HR professionals to set reminders, share their notes with friends and clip text and photos from anywhere on the web and paste them on the note board. Evernote comes with a very sufficient free version and the enterprise level package that allows you to export the notes in PDF format and to turn them into Power Point presentations.

Upwork – Outsourcing work

Freelance concept completely changed the labor market. Now entrepreneurs can easily outsource parts of their work to freelancers. HR professionals should extensively use websites like Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr, for finding skillful freelancers, who will complete complex work tasks. Since these tools are used by freelancers from all over the world, the prices for certain types of work might be significantly lower than on the local labor market. HR professionals should learn how to add projects to the Upwork platform and choose the most skillful bidder.

Since most HR departments are trying to eliminate boring and repetitive administrative tasks by introducing automation, computer and internet proficiency is one of the most basic skills of every successful HR professional. That’s why the big corporate enterprises and HR agencies constantly follow the latest trends in productivity and data base software niches. In recent years companies need to compete for the top industry talents and only the proactive HR approach can guarantee the high productivity of company’s teams and low turnover figures.

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