How to Create an Office Your Employees Will Love

How to Create an Office Your Employees Will Love

Employees are the bread and butter of a company, so it is essential you provide a fun and welcoming working environment. After all, a happy employee is a loyal and productive worker.

A recent study of 2,000 employees, conducted by Professor Sir Cary Cooper, found integrated workplace fun increases productivity, whilst reducing absences and stress. That’s why it helps to create an office your staff will want to work in every day – and one that will also impress current or potential clients.

Creative Comforts

Create a space that will not only provide a place for employees to have a little downtime, but will trigger their creativity. We therefore recommend introducing a home-away-from-home, featuring open lighting, a shag carpet, couches and maybe even a bar.

Contemporary Heating

No office can be stylish with large white radiators, as they can completely ruin a design. One way to spruce your heating systems is to opt for vertical radiators, which you can affordably find from The stylish option can blend into an overall design, making your office appear both chic and modern.

Free Food

You might not be able to create a space that’s as cool and modern as Google’s offices, but you can follow their lead by offering free food to your team. Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like Pizza Fridays or a box of cakes to choose from when you work in an office. Give them the fuel they need to enjoy a productive working day.

Office Challenges

If you’re a small company and your finances are a little tied when it comes to an office design, you could always incorporate office challenges into a working day, such as bake off competition or a chilli-eating contest. This will provide a fun and friendly atmosphere that money can’t buy. Just make sure you provide the winner with a prize.


It could be a great idea to introduce a playroom into your office, which could incorporate video games, movies, VR headsets, pool tables or board games. The room will allow a worker to take a break from their desk and the stresses of the day, so they can just have a little fun, allowing them to return to work with a fresh mind and a positive attitude.

Encourage Creativity

Why not ask your staff to become part of the design process? For example, a graphic designer could create a cool poster for the office – or a talented artist might jump at the chance to display one of their paintings. By allowing the team to become involved in the design process, they will feel like they are visiting their second home, rather than a workplace. Collaboration is key in an office – so allow the whole team to show off their creativity and ideas.

Happy Hour

Your team work hard all day, so a happy hour will almost certainly put a smile on your employees’ faces. Invite your team to enjoy a bottle of beer or a glass of wine at the end of the working week, which will give them something to look forward to all week long. It’s a great way to reward your staff for their hard work and efforts.

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