Have Fun with the Free Solitaire Game

Have Fun with the Free Solitaire Game

Gone are the days when we used to play Solitaire on our Windows PCs and laptops. Even thinking about it makes you nostalgic and bring back some really good memories. Do you want to relive that time again and play the classic game of Solitaire? These days, you can play all kinds of games on your smartphone and Solitaire is no exception. The Free Solitaire Game is available for download on your Android smartphone free of charge and it is considered to be one of the most addictive card games on the Google Play Store.

Whenever you are getting bored or you have the urge to play a challenging game, you can enjoy the Free Solitaire game online and offline. While there are numerous versions of Solitaire you can find nowadays on the Google Play Store, none of them is as simple and easy as the Free Solitaire Game. Therefore, it is a good choice for kids as well and is regarded as a good use of free time. There are a horde of features you can find in the Free Solitaire Game that are going to keep you engaged for a while. There is a Draw 3 mode, Vegas mode as well as the daily challenge. There is also a 10 table selection available to the players.

Apart from that, you can take advantage of 4 card face styles and 12 card back styles. The game boasts an auto save feature and also maintains personal records to show you exactly how you are playing and improving over time. If you are unsure of your next move in the game, it will also provide you hints so you can progress. There is an undo option as well, which is unlimited and you don’t have to pay anything to make use of it. The most recent update to the Free Solitaire game has also fixed the bugs and enhanced its performance.

There is also a Help menu that can inform you about the rules to be followed and also offer you some tips for playing the traditional game of Solitaire in a unique way.

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