Guide for Convenient Business Travel to Dubai

Guide for Convenient Business Travel to Dubai

Dubai is loved by everyone, be it vacationers, backpackers or even the business travellers. While the vacationers and backpackers have their entire itinerary planned just for sightseeing and exploration, the business travellers find it rather difficult to manage their time between the packed work schedule and the lures of this amazing city.

If you’re the one who’s travelling to Dubai for work and want to make the most of it, here’s a complete guide to help the business travellers turn into ‘worktrotters’.

Plan your trip, if you can

When it comes to business travel, it is hard to plan your itinerary as per your convenience. Difficult, but not impossible. You might be the lucky one to get a chance of planning your travel as per your convenient days. In case you’re able to, here are the things you must keep in mind.

• Weather
Dubai being a desert city can be very, very hot during the summer months, and not everyone is able to bear it. Sunburn, tan and extreme sweating is quite a common scenario if you’re away from the air conditioning and out in the sun for a long time. From November till February, the climatic conditions are the best in Dubai and if possible, you must plan the visit during these months only. If you’re going in other months, don’t forget to take full sleeves, sunscreen lotions with SPF30, hat, and goggles.

• Occasions

Dubai is a celebrated emirate and almost the whole year is packed with some or the other event. In February, its time for the amazing Dubai shopping festival, in December it is Christmas, New year celebrations (Dubai New Year fireworks is famous all over the world for its magnificence), year around food festivals, art and music concerts and much more is always happening in Dubai. Checkout the event calendar online and schedule your visit accordingly.

• Deals
Surprised! Don’t be, Dubai is a world tourism hub and the city witnesses millions of tourists every year and therefore, it goes beyond doubt that it has plethora of package offers. Respectable tour operators like Rayna tours along with regular tourists caters to the needs of business travellers too and have special one-day tour packages etc that suit their needs. They even offer customisable itineraries as per the time availability.

Choose Accommodation, intelligently!

Dubai has some of the finest, greatest, and the most luxurious hotels in the world. The city has the world’s highest occupancy rates. Dubai also has amazing options in economical range too. For a city that emerges as one of the top 10 business locations in the world, in all probabilities your office location would be in any of the business areas of the city. One of the most well-known office areas is the downtown Dubai.

If your office is located in downtown Dubai, you’re going to love every minute of your trip. Home to some of the newest, coolest, most visited attractions in Dubai. From the mighty Burj Khalifa to the Dubai fountain, the colossal Dubai mall and the best of boutique shops; everything is like a stone’s throw away and post the office hours you’ll get plenty of time to enjoy the best time here. Similarly, running parallel to the best of malls, restaurants, shops, residential complexes and so much more, the very famous 12 lane Sheikh Zayed Road is also a thriving place to stay at. Ensure that your accommodation is close to the main attractions of the city.

Best places to visit while on a business trip

No matter how short or long business trip you’ve come for, following are the best attractions of Dubai you must visit. They are time saving, convenient, easily accessible, and the best places to visit.

• Burj Khalifa, Dubai fountain and Dubai mall
Located almost adjacent to each other, Burj Khalifa, Dubai fountain and Dubai mall are the most visited attractions of the city. One is the world’s tallest manmade structure, the other is the world’s biggest themed water fountain, and the third is one of the biggest malls across the globe.

• Jumeirah Beach, Burj Al Arab, and the Sheikh Zayed Road
Once you’re free from the office, put your evening to good use by relaxing at the picturesque and the only free beach of Dubai- the Jumeirah beach. With the breath taking images of Burj Al Arab (the most luxurious hotel in the world), the beach is perfect for a relaxing stroll. The beach is located at Sheikh Zayed Road which is one of the most upmarket stretch of the city. Enjoy the delicious restaurants, the nightlife and see some of the world’s best cars zooming past you.

• Dubai Desert Safari
They say that no trip to Dubai is complete without experiencing the Desert Safari. There’s something majestically serene about the expansive oases and the adventure of the 4×4 safari that grips you completely in its awe. It happens both in the early morning and late in the evening. You can enjoy it whichever time you want but there’s no way you can come back without trying it.

• Souqs of Dubai
No matter how long or short is your trip, your loved ones always expect you to bring them something. Dubai has many great souqs for you to enjoy shopping of souvenirs. The best of all are the Gold souq, perfume souq, and spice souq. Do take a stroll down these souqs in the evenings and haggle your way to the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

• Dubai Museum
Dubai museum is one of the best kept museums in the Middle East and a trip here can give you an in- depth idea about the past of the city when it was nothing but a Bedouin fishing village. The museum is located pretty close to the airport so you can see it even while going back home. Located inside the oldest Al Fahidi fort of Dubai, the museum and the fort is a sneak peek in the glorious past of Dubai.

Things to keep in mind while travelling to Dubai

• Travellers are expected to dress modestly in all the public areas of Dubai. The city follows conventional Islamic traditions and unnecessary skin show is not accepted.

• Drinking alcohol in public places is a strict no. If you have a craving, the high end restaurants serve them. Even buying liquor without proper license is not allowed in Dubai.

• If you have a particular restaurant you wish to dine at, it’s advisable to book your reservation prior as getting table during evenings is very difficult.

• For transportation, the cheapest way is to travel is by the super-efficient Dubai metro train. If that’s not possible, you can also opt for taxis. In Dubai taxis are very cheap but due to traffic, take some time in hand.

• There are special areas designated for smokers. Malls, public areas, government buildings and offices do not allow smoking at all.

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