Modern Business Tech: How It Will Help Keep Your Company Secure

Modern Business Tech: How It Will Help Keep Your Company Secure

Business owners and executives might conclude, based on the recent series of breathless news alerts, that somehow technology and a lack of security are somehow related. While this is an understandable conclusion, it does leave out a number of details. Technology is often the only thing a company can rely on for any measure of security.

Here are some modern options that businesses can employ to help secure their companies and their businesses.

Digital Photography

Society in general, and businesses in particular, have yet to come to grips with the ramifications of every single person having a camera with unlimited film in their pocket all day long. Any security expert will tell you that real security starts with great record-keeping. It is for this reason that practically anything of consequence in your company should be photographed and the records stored for later reference. How important is this? Ask your insurance agent.

Digital Video

Companies like Infrared Cameras Inc. have made a market out of offering niche security and safety products built on the general concept of digital video security. Your company or business can take full advantage of their methodology to implement all manner of security measures using the low-cost option of 24-hour video surveillance, optical testing, motion sensors and various other systems. These measures, while related to photography, can have a more immediate impact, as they give you up-to-the-second views of everything your systems are protecting and can display results that can be evaluated in real time.

Digital Audio

Photography and video together make a powerful combination, but when digital audio is added to the mix, your company can begin to take advantage of what technology experts call a “life streaming” solution. Having a chronologically organized record of literally everything that happens under a company’s roof can be fantastically valuable, especially if combined with well-designed search and concept-mapping software. Any lawyer will agree the value of transcripts cannot be overstated. This is especially true when you are running a large organization and need the input and expertise of dozens or hundreds of people at once.

Technology is important, but it isn’t the answer to everything. Companies can always benefit from examining and evaluating security measures from the standpoint of common sense, and can find similar benefits in a well-organized and complete training program. When combined with solid technology, these measures promise to advance your security to the highest possible level.


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