Should You Be Supplying Fruit To Boost Your Staff?

Should You Be Supplying Fruit To Boost Your Staff?

We all know that fruit is good for us

We are told to ensure we have our five a day of fruit and vegetables and whilst the majority of us probably don’t manage it, the fact remains that we do know that fruit and vegetables are good for us. It seems companies are buying into this too as many companies now provide fruit baskets to office staff as part of their employee benefits. Companies such as Fruitful Office sell fruit baskets which companies buy for their staff to take fruit from.

The benefits

But why would they do this and what are the benefits? Fruitful Office conducted a survey to gauge any perceived benefits to both company and employee and the results are interesting:

87% of staff surveyed said that they would prefer to be employed by a company that offers health and well-being support than one that didn’t and 80% of those surveyed believed that the office ‘quality of life’ had improved since fresh fruit had been introduced to the office. These are fantastic figures and show the likelihood of better staff retention levels and perhaps even increased engagement and job commitment.

Providing fresh fruit for office staff is a simple way to help both your employees and the company itself benefit. It is an extremely cost effective measure which has been proven to increase productivity and concentration which can lead to a faster working time at a better standard which in turn increases the business flow. Better business flow, more money – and a business earning more money can sometimes be rewarding for the staff too. The circle is never ending and the benefits are great.

Better habits outside the office

70% of staff surveyed found that they even started eating more fruit after being provided with the option at work. Over 40% found they had ditched the unhealthier snack options that were available in the work vending machines or nearby cafes, restaurants and shops – something that can be quite difficult to do in an office with all the potential temptations that there are around.

Fresh fruit provision is also a big talking point amongst staff and can even help boost their reputation as word gets around. Happy employees are extremely likely to tell their friends and family about the fantastic work benefits they are receiving and the knowledge that the business is taking an interest in the health and wellbeing of their employees will cause a lot of interest in the company too.

So many companies – Zanox included – provide regular fresh fruit deliveries to their staff. Zanox provide a wide assortment of fresh fruit to their staff every single morning in order to get the day off to a healthy and happy start and provide staff with their essential vitamins. With more and more companies following suit, it is easy to see why. The benefits are there for everyone: management, investors and employees overall – and all because of some simple fresh fruit being supplied.

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