Surviving the Holiday Rush: Top 5 Management Techniques

Surviving the Holiday Rush: Top 5 Management Techniques

We are now all aware that the holiday craziness has finally came. You realize that you have just a few weeks to finish all your paperwork, assignments and reports. Then, there appear some extra costs for gift items, clients are sitting on your head trying to get one last appointment to conclude the year etc. The list is endless to be honest. Now, if you’re not a phlegmatic type and just go with the flow, or just used to this things, you are probably going through a lot of stress right now. Here is how you will fight the stress and remain level headed this year, and many more years to come.

1.      Never forget about your team

You mustn’t forget that they are going through the same stuff you are going to. They are the ones who help you get to your things done every single day. It would be really nice of you if you get some presents for them as well. It doesn’t have to be something incredibly expensive, no. Get creative and think of something that will make them feel happy – happy because they are working for you. How about a group spa for them all? Treating everyone with some cake or pizza is also a great option, or even hosting a happy hour. Just imagine what a great feeling it is to finish off a work day with some cocktails and appetizers. They will enjoy and appreciate your kindness and of course, give you back.

2.      Make sure you key suppliers are available

Your business doesn’t revolve just around you. There are many different people you are depending on. You have to make sure which of them are available during the entire Holiday season. Just imagine the chaos, you desperately need your decision-maker, and he is somewhere on Bora Bora sipping cocktail out of a coconut shell, and you have no one as a backup arrangement. This is why you need to be 100% sure who is where.

3.      Systems

Systems exist because of the stressful situations. This is not the time for changes and adding some more stuff to be done by you and your team when you didn’t even finish all of the important ones. Instead, help people in your team to understand why do you have systems anyway and what are they designed for.

4.      Small wins matter too

Positive attracts positive. When you just focus on one single thing (that according to you needs to happen) you forget the other opportunities which are, by the way, being missed like that. It is important that you always point up the things your team did good. There is nothing that kills the motive more than constantly being attacked and under some kind of pressure. If you take a close look, you will notice that there is always something good that happens in your company. Somebody is doing their job better than usually for example, or the team made a record of some kind – whatever it is, show them your appreciation and they will appreciate you right back.

5.      Find time to recharge

Yes, you are tired and you can’t wait to get everything done. You wonder, what if maybe there is some kind of nzt pill for me to take? (there is actually) Think, when was the last time you took a day off? Trust me, your company will not fall apart if you take one day off. Turn your phone off, your computer, iPad. Even better, leave them at the office. Take an entire day to enjoy the things that relax you most. Read a book while being curled up in your favorite blanket, walk around the town or simply spend quality time with your family. You can even treat yourself with some kind of a relaxing spa, if you enjoy that kind of relaxation. The most important thing is that you fill relaxed and free.

Remember, Holidays are times of joy and pure happiness. They don’t have to be stressful at all – it all depends on you.

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