5 Excellent Tips for Running a Welfare Organization

5 Excellent Tips for Running a Welfare Organization

Also referred to as charities or non-profit organizations, a welfare organization is one that provides a basic level of assistance, as well as emergency help and care, to people in need. In most cases, these services are offered free of charge. The question is how can such organizations function when they don’t charge for their services? Some welfare organizations are funded by the state, but there are others that run solely on the contributions and donations made privately. There are tried and true methods of raising money such as individual giving, grants and donations, but what if these fundraising sources run dry?

In such a situation, a welfare organization needs to come up with some creative ideas for raising funds. This requires out of the box thinking and using new tactics that are effective in generating money. Some great tips for raising money in order to run a welfare organization are:

1.   Organize a competition

You can have any kind of competition such as drawing, fashion or even eating. Request members of the public to participate in the competition for a small fee, which is considered a donation for a specific cause or even in general. This is a great way of generating public interest and bringing in a substantial sum through the competition fee.

2.   Host a street carnival

Rent a band and a bouncing castle for the carnival. Organize a couple of games and you have a carnival. Charge a small entry fee for entry and a minimal amount for different games. This is an excellent idea and various charities can come together to set up different booths and raise as much money as possible for numerous causes.

3.   Don’t ignore crowdfunding

It would be a very big mistake for any welfare organization to ignore the power of social media. It has become all the rage these days and for good reason; you can rally people in your favor with social networks. Come up with a portal where people can give donations for a good cause and then promote it on Facebook, Twitter and other notable platforms for getting the maximum impact. Get people to spread the word and you will have money rolling in.

4.   Sell tickets for events

It is common for people to purchase tickets for different events online such as concerts, movies and whatnot. You can partner up with websites and platforms that sell tickets and they will donate a portion of the ticket cost to your welfare organization. Encourage people to purchase their tickets and also give something back to the community. Lots of welfare organizations and charities are using this effective technique. For instance, Parent Ask has partnered with GoodDeedSeats and $5 is donated to the charity for every ticket purchased.

5.   Organize an auction

Request members of the community to donate items to the welfare organization, which can then be auctioned off for cash. A community rummage sale can also be organized in which participants can sell their goods for profits, but have to pay a fee for the table.

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