6 Guidelines to Implement A Successful Android App

6 Guidelines to Implement A Successful Android App

As of July 2015, Google Play is the biggest app store (featuring 1.6 million apps) followed closely by that of Apple’s App Store and the others. Having IoT omnipresent, Android is not restricted to tablets and smartphones alone – they can be used in several distinct ways as well. Below mentioned are 6 valuable guidelines to develop a successful Android App:

1. Comprehending the Android market prior to the next step on the app plan:

The Google-based OS  features the biggest user sector when evaluated with iOS. The market share of Android is at most influenced by users in expanding markets featuring less purchase power as compared to developed ones.

Provided the apps cannot be imposed with cost, the other alternatives to generate revenue is via app-vertising, Freemium prototype, and associated procedures. Based on reports nearly 51% of app developers are below the critical app based poverty line due to the dependency on in-app ads and paid installations.

Further, a huge chunk of the income is generated as a result of using the Freemium model with the statistics ever growing. The ads can be flourishing provided a huge and loyal set of customers are retained for the time to come. Cost Per Install is another revenue generating method where it functions by branding authentic products or services and a premium is generated for each time a consumer purchases a product or downloads an app. This procedure generates more income compared to the app-vertising process.

2. Going through the Android design suggestions:

This is revealed on seeing the common and prevalent practice of making blunders by copy pasting the iOS UI/UX onto an Android platform. This mistake is prevalent among cross-platform designers who are misguided with the notion that code has to be completely reused in order to create a cross-platform app. Such apps with such reused code results in less power over the app’s UI and UX and the app will resemble the same across multiple platforms.

The program written should be contrary to that of the functioning screens and platforms. Featured in GitHub is a template to accomplish this task.

3. Innate design for everybody to comprehend easily:

To scan whether the app is intuitive is done by allowing people with least technical expertise to experiment with the new apps. Provided they understood how to operate it, increases the probability of the app being comprehensible to the focused audience (This is avoided in the case that the focused target market is well versed in Git.).

Everything related to the way such less technically expertized users interact with the app has to be inputted to analyze and understand the comprehensibility of using that app.

4. Integrating the apps with social attributes:

Social features are robust, cost-free advertising tools regarding apps as it provides users with an opportunity to discuss about them. Users can make use of social media to quench their corresponding requirements while simultaneously using word of mouth to advertise apps without any cost

5. Test again and again:

No app should be launched without testing. Alpha and beta testing have to be done to the app where the former is done by Android developers where the probability is more that latest tools are manipulated to provide bug details and plausibly code optimization guidelines. Beta testing is done over a big range of individuals making sure that comments are provided without the app’s public opinion being impacted. Either open or closed beta testing can be implemented.

6. Advertising the apps:

It is noted that most of the developers toil to design apps but provide no time to market it. Hence focus must be given on equally marketing the resultant app.

Author Bio : Michael Archer the CEO and Co-Founder of Whatsappupdate, which is a  well accepted and in demand Mobile App Development company is a daring and adventurous person who likes to pursue and rendezvous with the latest on goings in the technological world. His exhaustive, innovative, captivating and motivating skills and expertise has contributed to the generation of apps like Zoechat- Whatsapp Clone Script. In his free time, he is involved in disseminating and inculcating his experience and knowledge  he has gained throughout the years with others and reading novels

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