8 Methods to Improve Customer Satisfaction

8 Methods to Improve Customer Satisfaction

For any business to grow, customer feedback is extremely necessary. It involves a process of obtaining the opinions of the customers on products or services a business offers. It always provides an entrepreneur with insights with which they can improve and grow their businesses and promote the general customer satisfaction.

This article will show 8 customer feedback methods you can use today to improve customer experience.

8 Methods of gathering feedback from your customers

  1. Surveys

This method is preferred by many entrepreneurs because it is easy to start, collect data, analyze and scale. While setting up a survey, remember to keep it short. Also, begin with the open-ended questions and only ask questions that will be useful.

With many customers shopping online these days, short online surveys can come in handy. They have been known to have excellent response rates. You can get the survey to pop up after a customer has browsed on your website or an online store. On an offline platform, questionnaires are a good option.

  1. NPS Software

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) it’s probably the most simple and popular way of measuring customer loyalty. Customer are asked how likely they are to recommend you on a scale from 1 to 10.

The amazing thing about this metric is that its question isn’t about an emotion, but about an intention, which is easier to answer. It cuts down to the question of whether the product is good enough to refer it and put your own reputation on the line.

We recommend using NPS loyalnow software, because is complete and totally free. With loyalnow, you can run NPS surveys in-app for measure the NPS of your product, service or brand.

3. Focus groups

Often involving small groups of between 4 to 15 people, a focus group is another a way of getting customer feedback by asking the clients their opinions, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and expectations on your products and services and the entire business.

They are usually used at the early stages of business especially when the entrepreneur wants to know the target market and what the clients would expect. The advantage with focus groups is that they are conducted in the real world environment as opposed to on an online platform.

4. Point-of-Sale

This method is a kind of survey that is presented to a paying client mostly through a check-out machine or an electronic terminal. It is an efficient way of obtaining feedback as it comes with some advantages.

  1. It does not require an interviewer, and this gets rid of any chances of an interviewer influencing the responses by their cues.
  2. They are fast. With point-of-sale surveys, you will not need to wait for the responses from the customers.
  3. It is flexible in the sense that the entrepreneur can implement them in various ways with different technologies.

5. Social Media

Now, social media provides a perfect platform to obtain your customer feedback. There are several ways you can listen to your clients through social media. Go online and create accounts for your business on multiple social media networks. From here, you can directly connect with not only your customers but potential customers also.

For instance, you can hold a chat on Twitter with your clients and ask them questions about your business. You can again conduct polls and surveys and ask your clients and potential customers about their opinions on the product and services you are offering.

Encourage feedback and respond to mentions on all your social media accounts. Be aware of what the customers are saying and act on the complaints to improve your business.

6. Communities and groups

You can actively listen to your customers through this method. Online customer communities, for instance, have become excellent means that most successful companies are using to connect with their customers. The feedback you get from your clients will help you accelerate sales, differentiate from your competitors, and stay up to date on what the market expects.

You can create online business communities and groups on platforms like Google+ and Facebook.

7. Email and Web Forms

Email has been a reliable way of keeping in touch with customers for years. When trying to listen to your customers using email, have an organized feedback system and be sure to have speedy responses. This will ensure effectiveness. Web forms are almost like online surveys. You can easily create your web form online with relevant questions and request your customers to answer them.

8. Observation

One of the most fundamental ways of listening to your customers is observation. You can learn what the market requires by looking at trends. Observe what is lacking in a particular setting and provide it. If for example, you are in the fashion industry, look at the community, see what the people like or don’t like putting on and use it provide the right products.

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