Delivering The Best Of The Website Hosting World

Delivering The Best Of The Website Hosting World

CanSpace is just one of the thousands of companies providing website hosting services on the internet. While most website hosting companies like to claim to be the best, CanSpace proves this with it top of the line web hosting service. Based in Canada, CanSpace provides web hosting solutions for new, small, large and established businesses. These website hosting solutions are not only some of the best based on the features and technology that support them but also due to the pricing offered by this company. It’s easier to set up your website with them and even easier to go along.

First, CanSpace should be the top choice for any website owners with their businesses based in Canada. This is a Canada based website hosting company and can give your website many benefits that foreign website hosting companies can’t. While there is no effect on your website rankings globally, you will see great impact of choosing a Canada based website hosting company on your local SEO marketing campaigns. The first and foremost is Google’s preference to rank your website higher in local search results by looking at your IP. Not to mention, local SEO is considered much more important than global SEO these days.

One of the strongest points where CanSpace beats every other website hosting company is the affordability. If you are looking for a Canadian domain for your website, there is no better place than CanSpace. Now, it’s your right to know what type of service you will receive for that price. You will be glad to know that there is no compromise on the level of service from this company. Whenever you have any concerns with your service, you can contact the helpful representatives of the company who are available on the phone to help you 24/7.

The website hosting packages are available for all types of websites. Whether you are a company that’s just starting on the internet or an established business looking for a new look, there is a right solution for you. You can choose your plan from the 3 main packages available with different offerings. The free website builder is included with every package, so even a person sitting at home and starting his first website can create a website with no website designing experience. The domain is free with free one-click script installers to increase the functionality of your website.

No matter which plan you choose for your website hosting, you will be able to create sub-domains. Free email accounts are also available with every plan with unlimited email accounts available for the corporate plan. With CanSpace you can put your website in the World Wide Web and forget about any unnecessary issues. Even the up time for your website will be at 99.9% at the end of the year. CanSpace also takes pride in making use of the most advanced and highly secured datacenters available in Canada. The packages start at a tiny cost of just $4.99 every month for personal users and small business websites.

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